Face Lift

Face Lift

What is Face Lift?
Face lift is a surgical procedure to enhance one’s appearance by erasing the signs of aging. Face lift mainly addresses the lower 2/3 of the face. It mainly provides improvement with nasobial lines, jowls, and jawline definition when combined with neck lift. 

How is Face Lift Performed?
Basically, face lift involves elevation of the skin, and rearranging of the soft tissue underneath. Under general anesthesia, the surgeon places an incision on the cartilage of the ear to tighten the skin on the face. If the procedure is combined with neck lift, the incision can extend towards the back of the earlobe, or if it is combined with brow lift, it can extend up to the temples. 
Once the soft tissue and the skin is stretched, the surgeon closes the incisions with dissolvable stitches. After the surgery, it is expected for the face to get swollen, bruised and feel tender, but it gradually heals. 

Are the Results Permanent?
Face lift operation permanently removes the excess skin off of your face. However, it does not enhance your skin elasticity. Therefore, it will not stop the natural aging process. Patients who have poor skin elasticity, or whose skin lack collagen might complain from droopiness in long-term. In those cases, a revisionary procedure might be necessary. 

What to Expect from Face Lift?
The signs of aging can be erased from one’s face with a face lift surgery. What to expect from the process is as follows:
Preparation: Before the face lift surgery, you will have a face-to-face consultation with the surgeon, where you can discuss your expectations from the procedure. The surgeon will explain you what can be done an what cannot, as well as asking you to stop taking certain medications, eating certain food and drinking certain drinks. 

Procedure: Face lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the extent of the surgery, and the other procedures that it is combined with, it may take up to 5-6 hours. The surgeon will place the incision on the cartilage of the ear to make it easy-to-hide once it heals. Once the excess skin is removed and the skin is tightened, the surgeon will close the incision with dissolvable stitches.

Recovery: After the surgery, your face will be swollen, and you might see some bruising. So as to minimize the discomfort you experience, the surgeon will prescribe you some pain relief medications. So as not to cause any complications, you need to strictly follow the surgeon’s instructions regarding wound care and medications. You can go back to work in 10-14 days after the surgery. 

Results: The swelling may take some time to go down. So, in the early post-operative period, you might feel like the surgery has not been successful. However, you need to take your time and let your body heal itself. Once the swelling settles, you will start seeing the results and it may take up to 6 months before you fully heal and you can see the final results.

How Should I Prepare for a Face Lift?
If you are planning to have a face lift surgery, you need to take a few steps to prepare yourself for the procedure:
Medical evaluation: Before undergoing any surgery, you need to check if your body will be able to handle the trauma and recovery process. The surgeon will advise you on the pre-operative tests that you need to get done in this context.

Medications: Before undergoing a face lift surgery, you need to check with the surgeon whether if it is safe for you to continue taking your medications if you have any. Some medications might be risky to take before face lift surgery, such as blood thinning medications, and you might need to stop taking them beforehand. 

Operation Day: On the day of the operation you will be required to fast starting at least 6 hours before the operation. You will also need to avoid applying any creams, lotions or moisturizers on your face.

Is Face Lifting Painful?
Face lift procedure is done under general anesthesia. That means you will be asleep during the procedure and feels no pain. After the surgery, it is possible to feel a bit of soreness, but the surgeon will prescribe pain relief medications to keep the discomfort at a manageable level. 

How Long Does Face Lift Surgery Last?
The fact that how long the results of a face lift surgery will last varies from patient to patient. Age, the collagen level in the skin, the patient’s skincare routine, general health and diet are all factors that can affect the results. So, it is not possible to give a definite time period.

What Happens After Face Lift Surgery?
Once the face lift surgery is complete, the hospital staff will take you to a recovery room where you will be monitored until you are conscious again. Once you wake up, you may feel dizzy due to the anesthesia’s effect. It will not last long. You will have bandages and stitches on, and may feel swollen. 

Types of Face Lift
Mid-Face Lift: As the name suggests, mid-face lift addresses the middle section, the section between the lower eyelids and upper lip, of the face. It is done under general anesthetic and may take up to 4 hours. In a mid-face lift operation, the surgeon basically ‘hangs’ the soft tissue on the cheekbones to bring a younger appearance. Thus, the cheekbones might seem fuller and more defined after the mid-face lift surgery. The main effect of mid-face lift operation is that it provides improvement on the nasolabial lines.

Lower-Face Lift: Lower facelift addresses the area below the upper lip. It is often combined with a neck lift to achieve more defined jawline. 
Both operations are done through an incision placed on the cartilage of the ear. After the surgery, the patient will experience a bit of swelling, bruising and soreness, however, it is expected to heal in 1-2 weeks. 

Can a Face Lift Improve My Eyelids Too?
Even though everyone thinks that a face lift operation will provide improvement on whole face, unless it is combined with other procedures, it only addresses the lower 2/3 of the face. So as to get some improvement with the eyelids, you will need a blepharoplasty. 

Can I Have a Non-Surgical Face Lift?
Thanks to the developments in medicine and technology, today, it is possible to have a face lift without a surgical intervention. Some options include plasma therapy, laser treatments and thread lift. Most of the non-surgical options only affect the skin and not the inner structure of the face. So, unfortunately, none of these options provide as good results as a surgical facelift operation. 

How Will Face Lift Results Look Over the Long Term?
Just as the results will be different from patient to patient, the longevity of the results will differ too. The laxity of your skin, the amount of collagen production in your skin, your facial skincare routines, sun exposure, weight, diet and daily routines. Generally speaking, the results are expected to last for 15 years.

Is Face Lift Safe in Turkey?

In recent years, Turkey has become the heart of surgical operations. Many people from all over the world fly to Turkey to have different surgical operations including face lift surgery. In Turkey, face lift surgery is a very common procedure, and you can find many surgeons who are experienced in their job. So as to have a smooth process, you need to make an in-depth research to find a good surgeon, and then you can proceed with the operation. To ensure that you have long-lasting and good results, you should follow the surgeon’s instructions strictly, and put importance on your facial care.

Face Lift Price in Turkey
As mentioned above, many people from all over the world prefer Turkey to get a Face Lift surgery. The main reason fort hat is Face lift price in Turkey. Even though many factors affect the face lift surgery cost, overall, it is much cheaper to have it done in Turkey than other countries. Factors like the surgeon’s fee, hospital’s fee, transportation, medications, and other procedures that the face lift surgery is going to be combined with can affect the total cost. So, in order to get a face lift price, you can contact us to go through a photo assessment process and get your personal treatment plan immediately.



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