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Plastic Surgeon


Name: Ahmet Seyhan
Place of Birth: Ladik / Samsun
Date of Birth: 1962
Title: Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon, Professor at Celal Bayar Univesity (Head of the Department), Certified surgeon by Turkish Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons


* Undergraduate Ege University, School of Med. 1983
* Post-graduate Ege University, School of Med.1985
* Phd Dicle University, School of Medicine. 1992


* Assit.Prof Celal Bayar University, School of Medicine. 1995
* Assit. Prof. Celal Bayar University, School of Medicine. 1999
* Professor Celal Bayar University, School of Medicine. 2005


Celal Bayar University: School of Medicine Head of Plastic Surgery Department
Celal Bayar University 1994 - 2012


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Plastic Surgeon


After graduating from Ankara University School of Medicine. Dr. Cenk started his residency at Ege University School of Medicine. During the term of his residency: he also received training in craniofacial and microsurgery. Having worked in organ transplantation clinic in the course of his residency as a part of general surgery rotation. Dr Cenk participated more than hundred liver transplantation operations. During his residency. Dr. Cenk also attended various training courses and congresses such as Breast Surgery in Milan: Microsurgery in Bucharest and in Heidelberg alongside with other domestic courses and congresses. Following his term at the Plastic and Reconstructive Clinic at Ege University. Dr Cenk worked at the Private Buca Medical Clinic as a registered Aesthetic. Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon. After completing his military service at Girne Martial Hospital. Dr. Cenk started to work as a registered cosmetic and plastic surgeon at Private Gazi Hospital. He presented 25 academic papers for domestic and international congresses and 17 of his essays published in dometic and international journals.


Ankara University. School of Medicine


Ege University School of Medicine: Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


* 2005 to 2006: Ege University School of Medicine Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

* 2006 to 2007: Private Buca Medical Clinic Aesthetic. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic

* 2006 to 2007: Girne Martial Hospital: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic

* 2007 to 2013: Private Gazi Hospital. Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic


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Plastic Surgeon


After completing his primary education in Kütahya and high school education in Eskişehir Science High School, he completed his medical education in Başkent University. In 2006, he received the title of medical doctor. He worked as an emergency medical assistant in Dokuz Eylül University Emergency Medicine Department between 2006-2007. In 2007, he left there to obtain plastic surgery training between 2008-2013 in Izmir Ataturk Training and Research Hospital. He worked in Plastic Surgery Clinic of Kars State Hospital in 2013-2014 and in Plastic Surgery Clinic of Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital between 2014-2016. He has been working in the private sector since 2016 and has been working in his own clinic since 2018.


Dt. Baris Ozgur has graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry on 1990, and started working at Izmir Esrefpasa District General Hospital as dentist on 1991, and he worked there until 2011.

He also opened his private clinic on 1994, and he has been a member of Dutch Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry since 1997.

He has received advanced surgery training in Germany.

Bariatric Surgeon


Surgeon MD Özgün Akgül is married and father of 2 children. He graduated from Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine in 2007 and He completed his specialization in General Surgery at Izmir Katip Celebi University, Ataturk Training and Research Hospital in 2014. Md Akgul was assigned to Bornova Turkan Ozilhan State Hospital till 2016 and then he worked at Kordon Obesity Center and Private Ege Sehir Hospital as a Bariatric Surgeon.

Dr. Akgul established a Private Clinic in 2019 where he currently works. He is well experienced in the laparoscopic obesity surgery, metabolic surgery, hernioplasty and cancer surgery. He has hundreds of medical procedures experience with a high success rate including sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and intragastric balloon. He has multilingual medical team works intensively with patients before and after surgery to help achieve a long-lasting result.

He is a member of Turkish Surgery Society, Metabolic Surgery Society, National Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgery Society and Turkish Obesity Surgery Society. He has attended numerous conventions and seminars in Europe and Turkey and has many scientific publications. Dr. Akgul has made a commitment to every patient’s well-being and safety and He operates all surgeries on his own by using high quality and high-tech equipment.

Otorhinolaryngologist and Rhinoplasty Surgeon


Born on 1984, Dr Kırtay graduated from Dokuz Eylul University School of Medicine on 2008 and started his residency at Izmir Katip Celebi University Ataturk Training and Research Hospital. Dr Kırtay completed his residency on 2013 as an otorhinolaryngologist. He than worked at Tekirdag Malkara State Hospital for 2 years and for his scientific works, two years in row had been granted third place award by Turkish National Association of Otorhinolaryntology and Head and Neck Surgery which is a part of Confederation of European Otorhinolaryntology - Head and Neck Surgery.

On 2015 he also become a member of European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
Between 2015 and 2016, he worked as assistant professor.
Between 2016-2017 he worked at Izmir Sada Hospital
Dr Kırtay is currently working as otorhinolaryntologist and rhinoplasty surgeon at his clinic. He is having both local and international patients.



Op. Dr. Serkan Biliş has graduated from Istanbul University School of Medicine in 1992. He is currently working in Private Batigoz Medical Group’s Çankaya-İzmir branch as an ophthalmologist.

Op. Dr. Serkan Biliş is a member of the following associations and societies:

Turkish Society of Ophthalmology (as a board member of
American Society of Cataract and Refraction Surgery
European Society of Cataract and Refraction Surgery
Turkish Society of Cataract and Refraction Surgery
Op. Dr. Serkan Biliş specializes in the following treatments:

Cataract surgery
Refractive surgery
Retina Surgery



- 1988 June - September Charing cross hospital in London
- 1990 -1991 International air ambulance doctor
- 1991 -1992 Emergency department , Government hospital in İzmir
- 1992-1993 Orthopedic department Semmelweis university, Budapest
- 1993-1997 Orthopedic department, Government hospital in İzmir
- 1997-2021 Orthopedic department Eşrefpaşa hospital in İzmir
- 2000-2006 Ege Sağlık Private Hospital
- 2006 -2011 Private Orthopedic Clinic
- 2021-2023 Su Hospital in İzmir

- Prosthetic Surgery,
- Arthroscopy,
- Anterior Cruciate Ligament,
- Trauma,
- Shoulder Prosthesis and Arthroscopy.

- Turkish Medical Association
- Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology Association (TOD)