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Unrivaled Aftercare Service

RevitalizeinTurkey is the one and the only trademark clinic in Turkey with  the longest standing in the medical tourism field, predominantly catering to British patients since 2005.

We have been dedicated to offer quality-infused medical services to discerning, quality-oriented patients with the passion of delivering a  genuine & heartfelt after-care, the fabric of which is interwoven with elements of ‘human-touch’.


Professional Medical Guidance

With a wealth of experience under our belt, RevitalizeinTurkey is not only equipped to guide you though the right treatment package for you, but at the same time strive for setting up the ground for high safety standards for each of our treatment packages.

At a time when cosmetic surgery has taken a turn for a more commercial edge due to unprecedented media hype, our company has remained to adhere to its principles by strongly following the practice of delivering purely distilled medical guidance in collaboration with our medical team. Every single of our treatment inquiries are processed diligently, not only to ensure meeting the aesthetic goals of our patients but at the same time, to minimize the patient’s having any risk of complications. Once we receive the patient’s inquiry, we inform him/her in detail about the procedure and process to ensure that they are aware of what they are committing to. Our patients go through a photo-assessment process first, to determine which cosmetic procedures they are a candidate for. Helping patients to make an informed decision, and guiding them through the whole pre and post-treatment process by carefully delving into their expectations has been the primary concern of our clinic. To ensure our patients’ safety, we request them to fill out our medical questionnaire where we can check their past illnesses and medical conditions.

Hospital Stay

We provide our patients with a personalized 7/24 after-care service during their hospital stay, through our English speaking chaperons. Nutrition, physical and emotional support is efficiently delivered with our dedicated team of carers.

Mandarin Grove Wellness and Health Retreat

We accomodate our patients at our purpose-built complex, Mandarin Grove, where patients enjoy not only the immaculate after-care services but at the same time rejoice the peaceful and serene atmosphere that promotes an ultimate relaxation of the body and the soul. All rooms are smartly decorated ensuite rooms incorporating mimimalistic features with accents of solid wood, organic materials and artwork. All rooms have access to french balconies & terraces where you can take a glimpse of the sumptous panaroma.

Proper nutrition is an important component of a successful recovery.  We have all it takes to relish the stay of our patients with our all-round nourishment programme at Mandarin Grove where freshly cooked meals with the highest nutrition content are served to our patients on set menu basis morning and dinner time. We also have two organic juice & snack bars available on the site alongside with a-la carte restaurant

The U.K. Presence

Our aftercare service does not end with the patient’s return flight. Every once in a while, we hold consultations in different cities in the United Kingdom where we meet both our past patients and new patient candidates. Our past patients are always welcome at our U.K. consultations for post-op checks and to discuss further treatment plans.

Post-op Backup Services

We offer a comprehensive post-op back up service scheme which includes monitoring patients recovery in terms of following them up on a regular basis and signing them up for the UK consultations and post-op assessment visits.