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Private Batigoz Hospital

Private Batigoz Eye Hospital has been established in 2004 by some well-known Ophthalmologists. Today, the center continues on treating eye diseases with approximately 150-person staff and a total of 3 hospitals, 4 branches.

In chronological order, Hatay branch in 2005, Sirinyer in 2006, and the Diyarbakır branch were opened in 2007.

Since 2008, the company which has been planning to invest in abroad, established  full-equipped hospitals in  Bucharest, the capital city of Romania and in Arbil which is the heart of the business in Iraq, in 2011. Since then those hospitals have been at service for both  foreign and Turkish citizens living in those  countries in the name of Batigoz Eye Hospital.

The headquarter of Batıgöz is located in Cankaya/Izmir  with a covered area of 1600 m2, two operating rooms, 7 examination rooms, Excimer Laser rooms,  private patient rooms which are available with a capacity of 8 beds. All rooms and excimer laser surgery room which are kept hygienic and clean at high levels are also  equipped with a special air circulation and filteration system “laminar air flow “.

From 2009 to the present, Batıgöz has been treating the foreign patients with especially Excimer Laser. It has opened its doors wide open for the patients initially from the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany providing the best and prompt treatment.