35 - Luton

This has been a life changing experience for me. After my treatment and seeing my body for the first time I was so thrilled to get my body back. I had three children prior to the treatment. After the treatment I feel I look better then before I had my children. I nearly hugged Dr Cenk after I saw myself for the first time. Dr Cenk is just wonderful person, he definetley puts the patient first. You are in good hands from day one with him. My time at the villa was very comfortable. The lovely carer Teona that looked after me at the villa was so nice. She really made me feel at home. She was very helpful and encouraging. I felt like I made a great friend for life.  My 2 nights at the hospital was very comfortable, Tuba was a lovely lady who stayed with me. She very bubbly and kind, she will make you very happy. Before I came i was worried of all these horror stories of surgeries abroad. I can guarantee you Revitalize is not of that kind. I will always recommend them in the future to anybody. 

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