My first cosmetic surgery experience

Anastasia Stone

35 - England

After 4 kids and breast feeding them all, i was desperate to regain the breast i had lost. I had heard and seen good reviews about going abroad for cosmetic surgery and begun my research into finding a place i could trust around Christmas 2013. Someone i knew had recently had her surgery in Istanbul and that got me searching online for places in Turkey when Revitilize came up. I sent them initial email enquiries and they were always fantastic at responding. I read reviews etc and was happy with what i saw. I was even happier when i was invited to visit for a free consultation right here in the UK! I attended this in Feb/March of 2014 where i met Jackie Bonham the UK coordinator as well as Turan the Turkey Coordinator and Dr Cenk the surgeon. The consultation was fantastic, the clinic was clean but as important Jackie, Turan & Dr Cenk were informative, reassuring and extremely friendly!! I was sold on using Revitilize straight away!! I decided to factor my surgery in with our summer family holiday as we love Turkey, and arranged this for Aug 2014!! Even though Revitilize offer a package whereby you can stay at their villa, we found a house to rent around 50 mins away so that i could recover there wiith my family. We where however advised about close locations by the lovely Jackie! The time crept up quickly but i was still quite anxious.. We arrived in Turkey a day before my planned surgery in order for us to settle in. And the next day we set off to the meeting point at Ikea Bornova in Izmir, where i was picked up by Mr Sedat who was also lovely. Although meeting at Ikea seemed a little weird at first, it made complete sense when we arrived at Dr Cenks consultation clinic as parking in Izmir is not the best! There were also 2 other ladies in the mini van, 1 whom was going for her final follow up and was leaving that night, and another lady who was also going in for surgery like myself. This too was reassuring for me! Once consultation was carried out at the clinic, we were then taken to the Gazi Hospital where the surgery would be carried out. The hospital was clean, staff polite though they didnt speak much English. That was fine, as we were then handed over to Tuba who was fluent in English and who talked us through the next stages! She was an Angel!! Anyway, after filling out medical questionnaires, blood tests etc it was time for my surgery! When i woke up i was obviously in a little pain and Tuba was there as she was all night on hand to help with whatever our needs or requirements were! Did i mention that she was an Angel!!! Dr Cenk was back the next morning to check on us and i was able to leave armed with medication and advise on how to cope for the next 7 days before i came back to see him a week later. I was taken back to Ikea to meet my familly, Mr Sedat carefully driving and making sure it was as painless as possible, and he carried my luggage as well as helped me out the van. He too is an Angel...! I was emailed by the Revitilize staff over 7 days to check my recovery, and if i was ever unsure and needed advice, they would always respond speedily!! I returned 7 days later as arranged.. Back to Ikea, met by Mr Sedat, taken back to Dr Cenk at his consultation clinic for my follow up, and was told to come back again for my last one, 2 days later on the day i was leaving Turkey. Which was a great thing as i was able to do some shopping in Bornova Forum where the Ikea is!! :-)).
To summarise... I would highly recommend Revitilizeinturkey as a place to go for cosmetic surgery! The service i have received
has been beyond what i can even express! Going abroad for surgery can be a scary experience and i was told by many that i was brave. I could not have been in better hands!! From the coordinators to the driver, to the nursing staff, Tuba(my angel) and my surgeon Dr Cenk!! I CANNOT thank you enough for my Revitilizeinturkey experience!! Truly appreciate everything!! And finally, 2 weeks after my surgery, i am still on the mend and absolutely loving the outcome of my breast augmentation!!! And to top it off, i will be going for a follow up right here in the Uk in Sept with the amazing Dr Cenk who i must add really knows his stuff!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart Revitilizeinturkey!! 

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