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The Best Neck Lift Procedure: Look Years Younger

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Ever noticed your neck looking older than your face? A neck lift can help. It deals with ‘turkey neck,’ drooping skin, and bigger necks. Even though skincare can help a bit, it often isn’t enough against neck ageing signs. Dr Dirk Kremer, a top surgeon in London, uses advanced techniques in neck lifts. His work removes extra skin, fat, and tightens muscles. This not only makes the neck look better but also matches the face, giving an overall younger look.

Key Takeaways

  • Neck lift procedures effectively address advanced signs of ageing such as sagging skin and muscle banding.
  • Dr Dirk Kremer specialises in personalised neck contouring techniques for a youthful profile.
  • Skincare often falls short in concealing ageing signs in the neck, making surgery a compelling option.
  • Neck lifts can harmonise the appearance of the face and neck, particularly when they age differently.
  • This surgical procedure offers elegant results that improve overall appearance and self-esteem.

Understanding the Need for a Neck Lift

As we get older, our necks can show signs of ageing like loose skin and ‘turkey neck’. These changes are caused by the sun and the pull of gravity. Less collagen and skin bounce makes these issues worse, worrying many people.

Signs of Ageing Neck

An ageing neck can look like it has loose skin, vertical bands, and wrinkles. The jawline might not look as sharp as before. This can make your face seem young but your neck appear old, making people want to find ways to make it look better.

Common Concerns

From their late thirties, many start to notice their neck showing age. It’s not just about looks, but how it makes you feel. Feeling bad about your neck can really lower your confidence, even leading to unhappiness.

Looking into neck rejuvenation can help those wanting to feel better about how they look.

Impact on Self-Esteem

An ageing neck can really shake your self-esteem. Something once firm can make you feel very down about your body. This bad feeling can grow into bigger issues if you don’t deal with it.

Choosing to get neck rejuvenation or tighten it can help get back your confidence and feel better.

Types of Neck Lift Procedures

Neck rejuvenation has several surgical options. These can target different concerns and goals. You can choose cervicoplasty, platysmaplasty, or a mix with liposuction. Each one helps in various ways to shape the neck.


Cervicoplasty removes extra neck skin. It’s perfect for those with saggy skin, also known as ‘turkey neck’. This surgery makes the neck look sharper and smoother, bettering how the face looks overall.


Platysmaplasty works on the neck’s muscles underneath. It tightens or realigns them, reducing wrinkles and bands. It’s great for people with loose or banded muscles. This surgery makes the neck firmer, giving it a more youthful look.

Combination with Liposuction

Combining other surgeries with liposuction is a good choice for some. It targets excess fat in the neck. Liposuction complements skin and muscle work. Together, they create a neck that’s toned and looks young.

Procedure Focus Area Ideal Candidates Benefits
Cervicoplasty Excess Skin Individuals with sagging or ‘turkey neck’ Defines neck profile, smoothens skin
Platysmaplasty Neck Muscles Individuals with muscle banding or loose muscles Reduces wrinkles, enhances muscle structure
Combination with Liposuction Excess Fat and Skin, Muscles Individuals with excess fat alongside sagging skin or muscle concerns Comprehensive neck tightening, youthful contour

Choosing the Right Surgeon

A neck lift surgery’s success depends a lot on the surgeon performing it. So, patients seeking facial improvement should pick a skilled surgeon. They look at a surgeon’s credentials, past surgeries, and how well they explain procedures.

Qualifications to Look For

It’s vital to check the surgeon’s qualifications before a neck lift surgery. Choose a surgeon certified in plastic surgery, with extra training in facial work. This means they’re capable of a successful and safe operation.

Experience in Facial Rejuvenation

A surgeon skilled in facial work can make the results look natural. It’s good to see photos of the surgeon’s past patients to judge their skill. Patient stories can also reveal a lot about the surgeon’s skill and care.

Consultation Process

Meeting the surgeon for a detailed talk is very important. This lets them understand your unique needs and concerns. They should then lay out a plan that’s right for you, explaining the surgery and the recovery clearly.

Qualities Importance Indicators
Qualifications Essential for safe and effective surgery. Board certification, specialised training.
Experience Crucial for achieving natural results. Extensive portfolio, patient testimonials.
Consultation Process Key for personalised treatment plans. Thorough assessments, clear communication.

Preparing for Neck Lift Surgery

Getting ready is a vital part of a successful neck lift. It includes important steps that patients must follow carefully.

Pre-Operative Consultations

Before the surgery, patients meet with their surgeon. The point is to understand the procedure and what to expect. The surgeon will check the patient’s neck and talk about the best approach.

Here, patients can ask questions or share any worries about the surgery.

Medical Health Check-Up

A full health check is necessary. It helps find any health issues that might cause trouble later. This check ensures the patient is healthy enough for the surgery. It usually involves looking at the patient’s medical past, a physical test, and some lab work.

Pre-Operative Instructions

Before the surgery, patients get a list of things to do to get ready. This will be familiar advice like stopping blood-thinners, not smoking, and avoiding some supplements. They’ll also need to arrange for someone to drive them home and take care of them after the surgery.

It’s key to stick to these instructions. Following the surgeon’s advice will help the surgery go well and avoid problems.

Neck Lift Surgery Explained

Neck lift surgery improves how the neck looks by dealing with ageing signs. It works on loose skin, extra fat, and muscle issues. This makes the neck look better and younger.

Surgical Techniques

There are different ways to do a neck lift surgery. The most used ones are cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty. Cervicoplasty removes too much skin, while platysmaplasty fixes or tightens neck muscles. Sometimes, liposuction is used to remove extra fat. These methods make the neck look smoother and more defined.

Duration of Procedure

A neck lift surgery can last from one to three hours. This depends on what techniques the doctor uses and how much is done. You might have it with only a bit of local anaesthetic or while fully asleep. The choice is made by the surgeon to fit what you need.

Post-Operative Care

After the surgery, taking good care of the neck is really important. At first, you might need a head bandage to help with swelling. Stick to what the doctor tells you to do. This can mean slowly getting back to your usual activities and keeping yourself clean.

Going to check-ups is also very important. This is to see how well you are doing and to talk about any worries you might have.

Neck Lift Recovery

After a neck lift, the recovery process is key for great results and a long-lasting procedure. We will look at the steps in neck lift recovery, from the initial post-surgery time to later care. We’ll focus on handling discomfort and the importance of taking care of our necks for the long term.

Initial Recovery Phase

Right after the neck lift surgery, you enter the first recovery phase. It’s important to handle pain with the medicine the doctor gives you. Using compression bandages is also a must. They reduce swelling and help your neck, where the surgery was, heal. Following your doctor’s advice closely at this stage is crucial for a good recovery.

Managing Discomfort

Coping with pain is a big part of recovery. You should take the pain meds your doctor prescribed. Keep your head raised, and stay away from hard activities. This will help your neck heal smoothly. Doing what the doctor says makes a difference.

Long-Term Aftercare

Recovering from a neck lift is more than the first few days. It’s about taking care of yourself in the long run. A big step is making lifestyle changes. This includes taking good care of your skin, staying out of the sun, and not smoking. These changes help not just with healing. They also keep the results of your neck lift looking good for a long time.

Risks and Complications

Neck lift surgery has its risks, like any other surgery. Most people recover well, but there can be issues to watch out for.

Infection and Scarring

Getting an infection after surgery is a big worry. It can slow down healing and lead to more surgeries. Scars are also common but can be hidden well by skilled surgeons. Good care of the wound and following instructions can lower these risks.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is a rare but serious risk of neck lift surgery. It might cause numbness or tingling. Choosing a highly skilled surgeon reduces this risk. Treatments and therapies might be needed if nerve damage happens.

Managing Risks

To reduce risks, both before and after the surgery, you should do things. Before the surgery, health checks help find any problems. Then, after surgery, following all your surgeon’s advice is key. Talking openly with the surgical team if you feel something is not right helps catch and treat issues early.

Results and Longevity

A neck lift can improve how you look a lot, making your jawline sharper and your neck smoother. The changes can be amazing, making you look younger and fresher.

What to Expect

After a neck lift, your neck will look better right away. You’ll see a more defined jaw and less saggy skin. The procedure works well, showing quick results after you’re recovered.

Maintaining Your Results

To keep your neck looking good for a long time, a healthy lifestyle is key. This includes taking care of your skin and staying active. You might also want to try non-surgical options later to keep the benefits of the surgery.

If you’re thinking about other ways to improve your neck, here’s a comparison of surgery and non-surgical choices:

Option Procedure Type Maintenance Required
Traditional Neck Lift Surgical Moderate – Follow-up care, healthy lifestyle
Fat-Dissolving Injections Non-Surgical Low – Routine treatments and skincare
Laser Treatment Non-Surgical Low to Moderate – Periodic sessions, skincare

Neck Lift Cost

Looking into the cost of a neck lift is important for those wanting this surgery. Several things affect how much it will cost.

Factors Influencing Cost

Many factors can change the price of a neck lift. For example, the surgeon’s skill affects the cost.
The more skilled the surgeon, the more they might charge. The ease or difficulty of the operation also matters; this changes for each person.

Where the surgery happens makes a difference too. Big cities like London may have higher prices than smaller places. The cost also includes the type of hospital and anaesthesia used.

Typical Pricing Range

Neck lifts can cost from a few thousand to tens of thousands of pounds. The price starts around £3,000. Usually, they don’t go over £10,000, but some can cost more.

Talking about the cost with the surgeon early is very important. This avoids unexpected costs later.

Insurance and Financing Options

Since neck lifts are mostly for looks, insurance usually doesn’t cover them. But, there are ways to make paying for it easier. Many places let you pay over time. It’s smart to check out these plans first.

Before surgery, make sure to understand the payment options. Talking to a financing expert at the clinic can help. They can offer advice to make the cost fit your budget.

Comparing Neck Lift to Other Procedures

Looking into a neck lift means checking out other ways to refresh the face too. It’s smart to weigh up different procedures. Understanding what each can do helps folks choose wisely for their beauty aims.

Facelift vs. Neck Lift

Choosing between a facelift vs. neck lift is important. A facelift targets the lower and mid face, offering a lift. It can also be done with a neck lift for a better overall look. But, a neck lift focuses solely on improving the neck’s shape by fixing loose skin and muscle. So, it really enhances the neck’s appearance.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

If someone isn’t ready for surgery, there are non-surgical alternatives. Things like injections that dissolve fat, laser treatments, and devices that use radio waves. These options tighten the neck without any cutting. They are great for those looking for a gentle tweak or not ready for surgery yet.

Complementary Treatments

Adding other treatments can improve a neck lift’s results. Skincare, chemical peels, and laser treatments are great. They work well with surgery and help the skin look better for longer. It’s a strong strategy for keeping a fresh, young face.

Before and After: Real Patient Results

A neck lift can truly transform someone’s look. By showing real patient results, doctors demonstrate the power of their work. Photos before and after the surgery reveal the surgery’s effects and the surgeon’s ability. They help future patients know what to expect and imagine the change for themselves.

Photo Galleries

For people thinking about a neck lift, photo galleries are key. They show actual patient photos from before and after the surgery. The pictures highlight the big difference in drooping skin and the improved shape of the neck. This allows people to see the potential results, making their decision easier.

Patient Testimonials

What others say about their neck lift surgeries is very helpful. Stories from real patients talk about how the surgery boosted their confidence and quality of life. This positive feedback can reassure those considering the surgery. They often share their experience with the surgical team and the healing process, giving a clear idea of what to expect.

Expected Outcomes

The goals of a neck lift are clear: a younger, more defined neck without certain ageing signs. Results show a neck that looks and feels smoother, accompanied by a more obvious jawline. Before and after photos plus patient stories explain what results one could realistically expect. This helps in making a well-informed choice about surgery.

Feature Before After
Sagging Skin Significant looseness and wrinkles Tighter, smoother appearance
Jawline Definition Poorly defined, often blurred Sharper, more contoured
Self-Confidence Often low due to aesthetic concerns Markedly improved, enhancing quality of life


A neck lift surgery can really change how people look and feel about themselves. It helps reduce the signs of getting older and makes the face look younger and more balanced. Picking a skilled surgeon is very important to get natural and pleasing results.

Knowing all the steps from start to finish is key for anyone thinking about neck lift surgery. This info helps you make good choices and get ready for what’s coming up. Following the doctor’s advice after surgery and living healthily helps keep the new look for a long time. It also boosts your confidence.

Getting a neck lift not only improves the face’s shape but also fights the signs of ageing. With good care and advice, the changes can last a long time. This surgery can truly make you feel renewed and happy with your look.


What are the typical signs of ageing in the neck?

As people age, they might notice their neck changing. This can show as sagging skin, a loss of structure, and the neck gets thicker. Some people also see ‘turkey neck’, which is when their neck muscles stand out. These changes can happen because of the sun and the pull of gravity. Skincare products can’t always fix these issues.

What procedures are available for neck rejuvenation?

Neck rejuvenation can involve different operations. Surgeons might do a cervicoplasty to remove loose skin and platysmaplasty to adjust the neck muscles. If there’s too much fat, liposuction could also help make the neck look better. These operations can make the neck tighter and more defined.

How can one ensure the best results from a neck lift surgery?

It’s key to pick a well-trained surgeon when you’re considering a neck lift. Then, follow what they suggest before and after the surgery. This includes taking care of yourself and seeing your surgeon for follow-up appointments. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle can also keep your neck looking its best.

What should I expect during the recovery phase?

After surgery, you might deal with some pain. It also helps to wear special bandages. You’ll need to take it easy and not do any hard work for a while. It’s important to do exactly what your doctor tells you to care for your neck after the operation. This way, you can enjoy looking after your neck and keeping it strong for a long time.

What are the possible risks and complications associated with neck lift surgery?

There are small risks like getting an infection, noticeable scars, or nerve problems. These are less likely if a skilled surgeon does the surgery. If you follow what your doctor says and look after yourself, you can lower these risks even more.

How long do the results of a neck lift last?

A neck lift can make a big difference for a long time. But, you’ll keep getting older, which might affect your neck again. To keep your neck looking good, it helps to stay healthy and use good skincare. You might decide to have more treatments or non-surgical procedures in the future to keep up the good work.

What factors influence the cost of a neck lift?

The price of a neck lift can change depending on the surgeon, how complex the surgery is, and where you have it done. It can vary a lot. Because it’s usually not for health reasons, insurance doesn’t usually cover the cost. But, some places offer ways to pay that make it easier for you.’

How does a neck lift differ from a facelift?

A face and neck lift serve different parts but can be part of the same plan. A neck lift targets the bottom of your face, making it tighter and removing any extra skin or fat. A facelift could include working on your neck to match the younger look of your face. The choice between the two depends on what you want to change on your face and neck.

Are there non-surgical alternatives to a neck lift?

Yes, there are other choices for making your neck look better without surgery. For instance, you might look into injections that dissolve fat or procedures with lasers for firming the skin. These options are good for people who are not yet ready for surgery or don’t want it.

Where can I find real patient results and testimonials?

Surgeons will usually show before and after pictures of patients on their websites. Or, you can see these photos when you talk to the surgeon in person. People who’ve already had the surgery might also share their stories online. Hearing from people who have gone through the process can give you a good sense of what to expect.

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