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The Best Neck Lift Procedure: Look Years Younger

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The neck can show our age more than our face. It’s one of the first places to age.

In our late thirties, ageing signs may appear. Many see a plastic surgeon like Dr Dirk Kremer of Harley Street. He’s known for his neck lift surgeries that make a natural looking neckline. These procedures can help with sagging skin, fat, and muscle issues.

Supporting ageing neck skin with a lift can be a big relief. It might stop people from feeling bad about how they look. The best neck lift surgeries can change lives this way.

Key Takeaways

  • The neck is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing.
  • Personalised neck lift procedures can correct excess skin, neck fat, and muscle banding.
  • Dr Dirk Kremer is known for his skills in neck rejuvenation surgeries.
  • Platysmaplasty, or neck lift, aims to create a natural-looking, younger neckline.
  • Addressing neck ageing can significantly boost self-confidence and alleviate anxiety or depression.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a key cosmetic surgery. It’s for improving the look of the neck and jawline. This surgery fights signs of ageing around the neck. These include ‘turkey neck’, sagging skin, and neck fat. It also deals with neck muscle problems.

Definition and Purpose

Neck lift surgery aims to make the neck look better. It does this by removing drooping skin and fat. It also fixes the neck’s muscle bands. This technique makes a person look younger and more pleasing.

Types of Procedures

Surgeons can choose from different ways to tighten the neck. The two main methods are cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty:

  • Cervicoplasty: It removes extra skin. The result is a tighter and smoother neck.
  • Platysmaplasty: This works on the neck muscles. It can make the neck look firmer by taking care of bands and droops.

Every neck sculpting procedure aims to make you look younger. It also corrects the neck to match the face better. This ensures the final look is natural and balanced.

Procedure Type Main Focus Key Benefits
Cervicoplasty Removal of excess skin Smoother and taut neck appearance
Platysmaplasty Modification of neck muscles Redefining neck structure, reducing banding

Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery gives many advantages. It helps improve the way your neck looks and your mood. Mainly, it makes your neck look younger by dealing with loose skin and drooping. This makes your neck look better and your jawline more defined. This change can make someone feel very good about themselves.

The surgery makes you look younger by fixing skin and muscles in your neck. It makes your neck more shaped and can even make your face look thinner. What’s great is these effects can last for about ten years, keeping your neck youthful all that time.

The surgery is not just about the look, though. Many people feel a lot better and more sure of themselves afterwards. It changes how you feel every day, making you less worried about growing older. In the end, a neck lift gives you a more youthful and fresh look that goes well with the rest of your face.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a Neck Lift?

To find the right person for a neck lift, we look at their age and health. We also consider if they have realistic hopes for the surgery. This guide will help you figure out if a neck lift is right for you.

Age Considerations

Most people get neck lifts between 40 and 60 years old. But, what really matters is if someone shows signs of ageing. These can include wrinkles, loose skin, and extra fat. Such signs appear at different ages. This means the surgery fits a wide range of people.

Physical Health and Expectations

Being in good health is key for neck lift success. Best candidates should be healthy to dodge surgery risks and get better results. It’s best if they don’t smoke, or are ready to quit smoking for surgery safety. This is because smoking can lead to problems during healing.

It’s also crucial to keep expectations real. Candidates must understand what the surgery can and can’t do. Looking for big but reasonable changes is the key to a happy outcome. Perfection isn’t the goal here; it’s about feeling pleased with the results.

Types of Neck Lift Procedures

Neck lifts target various signs of ageing, offering personalised ways to look more youthful. Cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty stand out for their results in shaping the neck. They are known for reducing sagging skin and defining the neck area.


Cervicoplasty gets rid of extra skin through surgery. It makes the neck look tighter and younger. People who choose this see less sagging, which refines their neck’s appearance.


Platysmaplasty focuses on changing the platysma muscles. It helps with neck bands and sagging. By sewing these muscles together, it shapes the neck better. A choice between cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty depends on what improvement you want and your surgeon’s advice.

The correct surgery will be chosen based on what signs of ageing you want to tackle. Both cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty work well for neck contouring. But, remember, they target different problems to get the look you desire.

With a skilled surgeon’s help, you can pick the right surgery for your rejuvenation goals. They’ll craft a treatment plan that fits your needs and preferences.

Neck Lift Surgery: What to Expect

Your neck lift journey starts with a consultation session. Here, you’ll talk with a skilled surgeon about what you hope to achieve. Also, your health will be discussed. It’s a chance to learn all about the procedure and get real about what to expect.

Pre-Operative Consultation

Before the surgery, an in-depth review of your neck’s shape and skin will be done. This helps the doctor make a plan that’s just for you. You can ask anything you want and share any worries you have during this time.

Procedure Steps

The actual procedure has different steps, all aimed at giving you the best results. It usually takes one to three hours. The surgeon makes cuts behind your ears or under your chin to hide scars. Then they remove extra skin, tighten neck muscles, and make your neck look more youthful. Most people get local anaesthesia. But, you might get more sleepy with sedation if you choose.

After the surgery, you will wear a wrap to help your neck keep its shape. You might have some pain, but it can be eased with medicine. Knowing about these step-by-step procedures helps you feel more ready and certain about your decision.

Neck Lift Recovery Process

Successfully handling the neck lift recovery phase is a key step for good results. In the first 24 hours, there might be some pain, eased with prescribed painkillers. A stretchy bandage helps support the neck and reduce swelling.

Initial Recovery: First 24 Hours

Take special care during the first day or so after a neck lift. You’ll likely feel pain and see swelling. But, following the doctor’s medication can reduce these effects. The bandage around your neck will help keep the swelling down and support your healing neck area.

Long-Term Recovery Tips

After your neck lift, long-term care is crucial. Here are a few tips for the best neck care after surgery:

  • Keep your head elevated to reduce swelling better.
  • Avoid rough activities to not hinder the healing.
  • Follow all surgeon’s care advice for the incisions to heal well.

Bandages are usually taken off the day after your surgery. You can go back to most regular activities within two weeks. But, avoid rough exercise for up to six weeks to help ensure a full and safe recovery.

Recovery Stage Action Timeframe
Initial Recovery Wearing compressive bandage First 24 hours
Post-Surgery Neck Care Head elevation, no strenuous activities First few weeks
Long-Term Recovery Resumption of normal activities Within 2 weeks
Avoiding Strenuous Exercise No rigorous physical activities Approximately 6 weeks

Neck Lift Costs: What You Need to Know

The cost of a neck lift can change a lot. It depends on many things. These include the type of surgery, how skilled the surgeon is, the cost of anaesthesia, and any extra charges from the hospital or clinic. Those thinking about getting a neck lift should ask for a detailed price quote. This will help them understand all the costs up front.

It’s important to plan financially for a neck lift. The cost doesn’t stop at the surgery itself. It also covers care after the operation. Sometimes, a second surgery might be necessary. Most health insurance won’t pay for cosmetic surgery. But, some places let you spread out the cost with payment plans.

Here’s what the price for a neck lift usually includes:

Cost Component Estimated Cost Range
Surgeon’s Fees £3,000 – £6,000
Anaesthetist’s Fees £500 – £1,000
Hospital/Clinic Fees £1,000 – £2,000
Post-Operative Care £200 – £500

This breakdown shows why planning carefully for a neck lift’s cost is so important. It’s crucial to balance quality with cost. Choosing a certified and well-experienced surgeon ensures the best results.

Neck Lift Before and After: Results You Can Expect

Neck lift surgeries often show their true value in before and after photos. People who have had their necks contoured see big changes. Their necks are tighter and more defined. This makes their face look younger and fresh.

Real Patient Experiences

Many patients start their journey unhappy with sagging skin or extra fat on their neck. Their stories tell how surgery boosted their confidence. After the procedure, they felt and looked younger. Their outside now matches how they feel inside.

Patient Procedure Before After Results
Patient A Platysmaplasty Visible neck bands and loose skin Smooth, tightened neck region Significant improvement, youthful contour
Patient B Cervicoplasty Excess skin and fat deposits Refined and firm neckline Enhanced jawline, slimmer look

Case Studies

Exploring detailed case studies gives a clear idea of what to expect. They cover everything from first meeting to the final result. Surgeons emphasise natural looks and try to make scars hidden. This approach improves satisfaction by meeting realistic goals with careful surgery.

The patient results from neck contouring are a key part of such studies. They show success and are helpful for those thinking about the surgery. Every case is unique, with goals tailored to meet the patient’s needs.

Risks and Complications of Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery can greatly change how somebody looks. Yet, it’s vital to know about the risks involved. These risks include bleeding, infection, nerve injury, and scars. Rarely, skin loss or results you’re not happy with can also happen.

Common Risks

Bleeding and the formation of hematomas are common risks of this surgery. Infections might occur and need antibiotics. Damage to nerves could affect muscles that control facial movements. Scars are a part of surgery but are usually small and not easy to see.

How to Mitigate Risks

To lower these risks, solid planning and choosing the best surgeon are key. It’s important to have detailed consultations before the operation. This helps your surgeon ensure the surgery is right for you.

After the surgery, following all care advice and not smoking is critical for good healing. Regular visits to your surgeon can quickly solve any problems. This leads to better and safer results, such as with Mr. Mark Gittos.


What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a surgery that makes your neck and jaw look younger. It’s called platysmaplasty or cervicoplasty. It gets rid of extra skin, reduces fat, and tightens neck muscles. This makes your neck look more youthful and defined.

What types of neck lift procedures are available?

You can choose from two main types: cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty. The first deals with skin, and the second fixes muscle issues. They both aim to improve the look of your neck.

What are the benefits of neck lift surgery?

Neck lift surgery makes your neck and jawline look younger. It reduces sagging skin and makes muscles tighter. This can boost your self-esteem and last for around ten years.

Who is an ideal candidate for a neck lift?

If you have neck wrinkles or sagging skin, you might be a good candidate. You should be healthy and not smoke or quit smoking for the surgery.

What should I expect during the neck lift surgery?

You’ll talk to your doctor about your goals before surgery. The surgery lasts one to three hours and includes hidden incisions. After, you’ll wear a bandage and take pain medicine.

What does the neck lift recovery process involve?

You may feel pain in the first day and wear a bandage. Recovery means resting, keeping your head up, and avoiding hard activities. You can usually go back to most things in two weeks.

How much does a neck lift cost?

The cost changes with the procedure and where you have it. You need a full price after talking to your doctor. Since it’s not usually covered by insurance, there might be payment plans.

What results can I expect from a neck lift?

A neck lift can make your neck look better and you feel younger. It’s important to see real patients’ results. Your improvement might be different.

What are the risks and complications of neck lift surgery?

Neck lift surgery is mostly safe but there are some risks. These include bleeding, infection, nerve problems, and scars. You can lower these risks by choosing a good surgeon, following their instructions, and not smoking. Going back to see your doctor is also important for a good recovery.

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