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VIP Stay at Mandarin Grove Health and Wellness Retreat

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7 Nights


24/7 aftercare service including a bilingual chaperone to accompany you during your hospital stay.


Fully Registered Private Hospital

    Get a Free Assesment and Quote

      Get a Free Assesment and Quote


      Why Revitalize In Turkey?

      With 18 years of experience in the medical tourism field, we have built a reputation for excellence and trust. What sets us apart is our exceptional aftercare service, provided exclusively at our wellness retreat, Mandarin Grove. Unlike any other clinic, we offer a tranquil environment at Mandarin Grove, tailored to the needs of our patients. From comfortable accommodation to 24/7 care, we ensure your well-being and recovery.

      We endeavour to offer exclusive operation packages where patients can enjoy the pure luxury of recuperating at Mandarin Grove with professional after-care and have the peace of mind of knowing that they get the best medical support.

      Initial Assesment

      As a part of our initial assessment process, we kindly ask our prospective patient to send us some photos of the area of concern for us to advise her about the procedure.


      Pre-operative tests are conducted. (Blood test, electrocardiogram, physical examination)

      Aftercare Service

      We offer the best personalized aftercare service. All of our patients are diligently looked after by our bilingual chaperons at their hospital stay.


      We endeavour to boost our patient's recovery with our whole-meal food plan at our complex. Patients will get the highest level of nutrition to prompt their recovery.


      On arrival, our patients are picked up from the airport and transferred to our exclusive retreat complex Mandarin Grove, where they can not only enjoy a luxurious setting but at the same time a well-knit aftercare service.


      Patients have a face-to-face meeting with the plastic surgeon. We have the best plastic surgeons on our medical team. They are bilingual and have the perfect rapport with the patients. One of our team members will be guiding you through the process.

      Hospital Stay

      After the surgery, the patient is entitled to a hospital stay of 1 night where she will be checked on by the plastic surgeon.

      Back-up Services

      After your return, we stay in touch with you to track your recovery, and get in touch with the plastic surgeon if you have any questions or need any advice.

      Ozone Therapy

      When injected, ozone reacts with polyunsaturated fatty acids and water, creating hydrogen peroxide and a mixture of lipid ozonation products.
      This increase in oxidative stress leads to the activation of the nuclear factor and related factor pathway, which activates the transcription of antioxidant response elements. The related pathway is part of a large signalling pathway that regulates anti-inflammatory gene expression and may be responsible for many of the effects seen with systemic ozone therapy.

      a woman in a white robe sitting at a deskWHO SHOULD TAKE THIS TREATMENT?

      People have slow functioning immune system

      People Suffers from chronic rheumatic pains or migraine

      People who want to have a youthful appereance



      The procedure boosts your natural production of collagen and elastic, which are protein fibres that allow you to maintain a better aged look.

      Enlarges the blood vessels and lowers the pain signals it can be beneficial for relieving migraine symptoms or chronic pain related problems.

      Effective for minimizing the inflammation in our bodies which can be helpful for rheumatic pains.




      Recent heart attack

      Blood circulation issues