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7th July



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    Manchester Consultation

    We have been holding consultation in London and Manchester at select venues for more than 15 years with the commitment to build a robust bridge between our patients and our clinic. The bond that we have established with our patients have continued to thrive and flourish with our well-established UK presence. So much as our patients’ presence which has made us jubilant and complete, the comfort of having a face-to face consultation and the reassurance of getting a solid, truthful medical advice have always been a great source of appreciation and remarkable occassion of ‘patient -clinic’ reunion both for us and for our patients. Thanks to this bond we have established with our patients, we created so many fond memories, touched on so many people’s lives by giving them the confidence they have been craving for, befriended with so many patients who become the part of our family..

    Our London and Manchester consultations involve delivering professional treatment recommendations with a face- to-face sessions where we delve into subjects such as patient objectives, operation modalities, individual anatomy of the patient with a view to guide the patients towards the right path of surgery and treatment options. We always aim to deliver medically-grounded information detached from any commercial interest and intend to educate our patients on all possible disadvantages and risk-elements associated with any treatment plan, that’s why RevitalizeinTurkey has been a trademark company in its own field for more than 20 year. Our motto has always been to prioritise our patients safety and health.

    We also conduct post-op reviews and assessments at our UK consıultation in addition to seeing new patients, as part of our UK post-op check scheme. Any patient who has a procedure with us is more than welcome to book for a post-op review to get an advice on his/her recovery progress.

    You can now take the next step and find out more about our ourselves and our treatment packages by meeting us face to face.



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