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Katie Price, once known as Jordan, started her career as a bold Page 3 model in the 1990s1. She has had many cosmetic surgeries since then, completely changing her look2. This piece delves into Katie’s early years, looking at her original appearance and how it changed over time.

Key Takeaways

  • Katie Price’s transformation journey from her natural looks to her extensively enhanced appearance
  • An examination of Katie’s pre-surgery appearance and the factors that influenced her decision to undergo cosmetic procedures
  • Insights into the impact of Katie’s cosmetic enhancements on her public image and self-perception
  • Exploration of the societal and media pressures that may have contributed to Katie’s extensive cosmetic enhancements
  • A reflection on the lessons and perspectives that can be derived from Katie’s transformation journey

Katie Price’s Fresh-Faced Beginnings

Discovering the Natural Beauty of a Young Katie Price

At 17, Katie Price was ready to take on the world of glamour modelling3. Her natural curls and young looks got her into modelling fast. Soon, she was in The Sun’s Page 33. This marked the start of her as Jordan, a well-known media figure in the UK.

Katie showed off her natural beauty and pre-surgery appearance as a teenage model453. Her fresh-faced appearance and curly hair made her famous. This was just the beginning of her success in British media.

Her modelling work quickly became popular thanks to her charm and beauty. This led to a journey where Katie changed through cosmetic procedures. Yet, her natural beauty story stayed a key part of her charm.

“I started modelling when I was 17 and got into Page 3 – that was my big break.”
– Katie Price

The teen model Katie Price soon evolved into Jordan, a celebrated media figure. Although she changed through surgery, her natural beauty still captivates many453.

The Rise of Jordan: Katie’s Glamour Modelling Career

Katie Price, mostly known as “Jordan” back then, became famous in the late 1990s. She was a prominent face as a model, especially on page 3 of newspapers. Coming from Brighton, England, her charm and confidence won over many people. This made her well-known all over the UK6.

At 18, Katie started her modelling career. She got her first breast enhancement, moving up from a 32B to a 32C6. After that, she had eight more surgeries, finally getting to a 32G. This, along with her unique features and fearless attitude, made Katie an icon as “Jordan”6.

Soon, she became a regular feature on page 3 of The Sun, a top UK newspaper7. Her eye-catching photos and outgoing nature drew people in. She quickly became a symbol of the time due to her work7.

Katie didn’t stop at modelling. She entered reality TV and became a true star. Her shows, like “Katie & Peter”, and her time on “I’m a Celebrity”, made her very popular. Through TV, her vibrant personality and open life story connected with many viewers7.

“I was a shy, quiet girl, but Jordan was this outrageous, outgoing character. I loved being Jordan – she was my alter ego.”

Becoming a glamour model under the name “Jordan” was a turning point for Katie. It not only showcased her in a new light but also paved the way for her later successes7. Her fearless style combined with a natural charm marked her as an important figure in British culture then6.

Katie Price’s First Cosmetic Enhancements

Exploring Katie’s Initial Breast Augmentations

Katie Price started her cosmetic surgery journey at 20. She got her first breast augmentation, increasing from 32B to 32C8. This was the first step in her quest to enhance her figure. Over time, she increased her breast size through several surgeries8.

The following year, at 21, she had two more breast surgeries. She went from a C to a D cup, then to an F cup over a few months8. These quick changes defined her evolving appearance. Katie began to mix different cosmetic procedures to achieve her ideal look9.

Procedure Age Details
First Breast Augmentation 20 Boosted 32B breasts to 32C
Second Breast Augmentation 21 Increased from C cup to D cup
Third Breast Augmentation 21 Increased from D cup to F cup

Katie’s katie price first boob job started her katie price plastic surgery journey. She tried various katie price cosmetic procedures to look her best8. This marked the beginning of her iconic transformation into “Jordan”9.

“I know I’ve had a lot of surgery, but that’s the choice I’ve made. I’m not trying to look like anyone else – I’m just trying to be the best version of myself.”

As Katie’s katie price breast enhancements continued, it became more about her growth and empowerment10. Although controversial, her decisions led to her becoming a strong and bold public personality8910.

Katie Price Before Cosmetic Surgery: A Retrospective

Before changing through cosmetic work, Katie Price was a stunning teen. She caught everyone’s eye with her natural beauty11. This look at her early modelling years honours the beauty that made her famous.

Katie’s early career was marked by her natural charm. People loved her for her real, unembellished look12. This time in her life was crucial, as it led to her becoming a star mainly because of her natural beauty.

Katie’s natural beauty was a big part of her success. She started off with a look that felt real and relatable to many11. Later, she transformed into “Jordan”, showing a significant shift in beauty standards and pressures.

Looking back at Katie’s early days reminds us why we loved her. Her old photos show a pure and glowing beauty12. This deep dive celebrates Katie’s original, natural charm before her significant image changes.

This exploration lets us truly value the Katie Price before surgeries. Her story shows us the brief worth of looks, highlighting the real beauty of being true to oneself13. It’s a lesson on staying authentic regardless of outside pressure.

The Transformation Begins: Early Facial Procedures

Right as Katie Price became famous, she started to change her looks using cosmetic procedures on her face. She has transformed a lot since then. Her journey of changing her face started back in her early modelling days14.

When she was 21, Katie Price got lip fillers. A couple of years after that, she began to use Botox. These steps changed how she looked naturally. They were the first of many more cosmetic changes to come15.

Lip Fillers, Botox, and the Changing Face of Katie Price

Katie Price loved the glamour of her modelling world. So, she turned to facial procedures to boost her beauty. Regular lip fillers and Botox changed her face’s features step by step14. This was the start of making Katie Price look different over time15.

People got fascinated by Katie Price‘s changing face early on. Dealing with being in the spotlight, she worked hard to keep her image up. This led to more cosmetic changes as her career continued141516.

Katie Price’s Evolving Look: Breast Implants and Beyond

Throughout her career, Katie Price has changed a lot. Her breast implants made a big difference in how she looks17. She started with surgery when she was just 18171819.

Katie kept making her bust bigger over time. She started at 32C and went up to a double H cup18. She really likes having big boobs18.

Besides breast surgeries, Katie also tried other cosmetic treatments. This includes Botox and lip fillers1719. At 30, she began getting Botox and was early to use lip fillers1719.

The journey had challenges too. In 2015, Katie had her implants made smaller after an infection. Then, by 2016, she said she was addicted to fillers1819. Bad Botox in 2017 made her get a face lift to fix her face and feel better19.

Despite the tough times, Katie has been open about her surgeries. She talks about them to make people think. Her story about getting implants and other changes has got the public talking about beauty, choice, and creativity171819.

katie price transformation

Katie Price’s journey through cosmetic surgery teaches us a lot. It shows how these surgeries can change how people feel about themselves and what others think is beautiful. Her story is full of changing moments that highlight the power of plastic surgery in our world.

Katie Price Before Cosmetic Surgery: Embracing Natural Beauty

Before her many cosmetic surgeries, Katie Price was known for her natural, fresh look20. This makes a strong point about the value of being true to yourself. She shows us the beauty in staying natural, against all odds.

Katie’s beauty shone brightly in her early days as a model21. At 20, she went from a 32B to a 32C through surgery20. Despite this, her natural charm stood out, capturing hearts everywhere.

When her career took off, Katie kept her natural charm21. She tried lip fillers at 21 and Botox at 2620. Yet, her fresh face kept winning people over, showing the timeless power of staying natural.

Over time, Katie tried various surgeries like rhinoplasty and veneers at 2920. But fans still loved her for her realness21. They admired how genuine she was, teaching us that being real is always in fashion.

“Despite multiple breast surgeries over the years, Katie eventually reduced her cup size from an F cup to a C cup on her 30th birthday.”20

Choosing a more natural look at 30, Katie made a bold statement21. She decided to be true to herself, ignoring what others thought. Her story is a big lesson in real beauty, crossing over artificial looks.

Katie’s life shows us the value of being real22. By honestly sharing her surgery stories, she’s encouraged many to love their natural looks. This has led to more open talks about changing our looks and still accepting who we are inside.

The Journey to Self-Acceptance: Katie’s Perspective

Katie Price has openly talked about her journey to self-acceptance. She shared her experiences, especially on how her look changed after surgeries. Price’s story gives us a deep insight into the changes she went through and how it affected her23.

Katie Price’s Reflections on Her Pre-Surgery Look

Katie Price faced many challenges when she started in glamour modelling. She talked about the pressure to look a certain way. Despite undergoing many surgeries, she looks back fondly on her natural looks. She has realised the beauty of her original self23.

Now older, Price appreciates her pre-surgery appearance even more. She wishes she had valued it back then. This change in her mindset has been significant. It allows her to love herself as she is, and to encourage others to do the same23.

Price’s story connects with a lot of people. She tells her fans to be proud of who they are. Her openness about her struggles and victories has made her a respected figure in promoting body positivity23.

“I look back now and think, ‘Oh my God, I was so naturally beautiful.’ I wish I’d appreciated my natural look more back then.”

Price aims to motivate others to love themselves. She believes true beauty comes from within. Her story is a reminder that accepting one’s real self is very important23.

Katie Price’s dedication to self-acceptance and loving one’s body is inspiring. By being open about her journey, she’s helping her fans feel better about themselves. She encourages self-discovery and self-love in everyone23.

Katie Price Before Cosmetic Surgery: A Photographic Exploration

Let’s go back to when Katie Price started out in modelling. We see a stunning natural beauty in her early photos. These pictures show Katie with a fresh and young face. This was before she changed her appearance a lot with surgery24.

Katie was born in 1978 in Brighton24. She became well-known at just 18, appearing in The Sun’s Page 324. Back then, her natural glow was clear. It was a time before the many surgeries shaped her public image.

Katie Price Before Cosmetic Surgery Katie Price After Cosmetic Surgery
katie price before photos
Katie Price’s natural look in her early modelling days. Katie Price’s changed appearance after lots of cosmetic work.

We get to see the real face of Katie Price before all the changes. Katie Price’s pre-surgery images show her natural appeal. People loved her fresh and charming look as she became famous24.

The photos really highlight how Katie’s appearance has changed over the years24. From her early, natural-looking days to her current look, she has transformed a lot. These changes are a big part of her story now25.

“I’ve always been interested in changing my appearance and enhancing my natural looks. It’s a personal choice and one that I don’t regret.”
– Katie Price

This look back shows us the katie price natural looks that once fascinated everyone. It’s a way to enjoy how Katie’s journey has changed her look and her fame.

The Allure of the Unaltered: Katie’s Early Appeal

Katie Price was loved for her natural look before all her surgeries. Even as a teenager, she was a favourite among fans. They loved how real Katie seemed26. Her connection with people was special. Many saw her as naturally beautiful, which pulled them towards her26.

Katie’s charm started with her natural look. She was different from the models who looked perfect because of surgeries. Her simple yet confident vibe won hearts26.

“Katie’s natural beauty and down-to-earth personality were a refreshing change in the industry. She stood out from the crowd and became a role model for many young women.”

Katie’s charm was more than just her looks. She was easy to relate to and had a strong self-belief. People felt close to her, making her a star in their eyes26.

As Katie’s fame grew, she kept her natural style. Her fans loved that she stayed true to herself. She showed everyone the power of being real and confident26.

Katie’s original charm keeps her fans close, even as she changed with surgeries. Her true self is what really shines. This connection with fans made her a role model of self-love and acceptance26.

The Evolution of Katie’s Fan Base

Katie’s natural look built a solid group of fans. They stayed with her, loving her at each stage. This lasting support shows how much they value her real spirit26.

Katie’s lasting fame shows the strength of being true. Her connection with people goes deeper than just looks. She stands as a symbol of staying original and confident26.

Conclusion: Celebrating Katie Price’s Authentic Self

This article looked at Katie Price’s life story. It began from when she was young and natural. It went through her choice for many cosmetic surgeries. Through looking at her before the surgeries, we praise Katie for being true to herself. By staying honest and positive, Katie Price has won people over. She shows that real beauty is about self-acceptance. Her true self has inspired many, pushing for body positivity and loving oneself.

Katie Price changed a lot through surgeries over time27. She did 17 breast surgeries27 and got caught up in getting more. Her path wasn’t easy. But by sharing her story, she encourages people to love who they are. With her new role as a life coach, she aims to help others28. She wants to support everyone towards accepting themselves.

As Katie continues her journey28, her daughter Princess is finding her way too. She doesn’t want to take the same cosmetic surgery path as her mum28. This talks about the importance of loving our bodies and being true to who we are. Katie’s story teaches us that being real is the most beautiful thing28. She is a guiding light for celebrating our unique looks and loving our stories.


What was Katie Price like before her cosmetic surgery transformation?

Katie Price was a pretty teenager before all the cosmetic surgery. She had a fresh, young face with curly hair. These natural features helped her start her career as a model in the 1990s.

How did Katie Price’s modelling career as ‘Jordan’ begin?

Her journey to fame started in the 1990s as Jordan, the glamour model. She became famous as a Page 3 model. Soon, everyone in Britain knew her name.

What were some of Katie Price’s early cosmetic procedures?

At age 20, Katie had her first cosmetic surgery to go from a 32B to a 32C. After that, she kept getting more breast surgeries. Her bust size got bigger each time.

How did Katie Price’s facial appearance change over time?

As Katie became more famous, she tried more cosmetic work on her face. When she was 21, she started with lip fillers. Then, a few years later, she began using Botox to hide wrinkles. These were the first changes to her face.

How has Katie Price’s perspective on her natural beauty evolved?

Katie Price has grown to accept herself more in recent years. She has faced many challenges with her looks. She now talks about the beauty of her natural self. This shows how much she has learned through her looks change.

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