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Hannah Garton, known from Love Island, has a fantastic style that grabs attention. Many are wondering about hannah love island before surgery. This piece looks into her life before the changes and what she looks like now.

Her time on Love Island raised questions about what’s beautiful in reality TV. We’ll dive into the story of hannah garton love island. And see how hannah garton plastic surgery affected her in the villa.

Looking at photos of hannah love island before surgery next to newer photos shows the stress TV stars may face. Her transformation is a good example of how our personal decisions can meet what society wants.

Key Takeaways

  • Hannah Garton’s appearance has changed since joining Love Island
  • Fans are interested in her pre-surgery look
  • Reality TV often puts pressure on contestants’ appearance
  • Hannah’s transformation reflects broader societal beauty standards
  • Comparing before and after photos reveals the extent of changes

Who is Hannah from Love Island?

Hannah Isla Hewitt made her mark on Love Island UK. As soon as she arrived at the villa, she stood out. The 23-year-old from Maidstone, Kent, won everyone over with her fun nature and good looks.

She quickly fit in with the show’s glitzy style. Love Island was a mix of love, friendship, and drama for Hannah. It showed her in romantic moments and overcoming challenges with grace.

As she stayed on the show, more people loved Hannah. She handled villa life well, making friends and dealing with tough times. Her journey was full of surprises, but she stayed strong and became a fan favourite.

Aspect Details
Full Name Hannah Isla Hewitt
Age 23
Hometown Maidstone, Kent
Occupation Beauty Therapist
TV Show Love Island UK

Her time on Love Island changed her world. Suddenly, she was known by many, not just as a beauty therapist. Her story shed light on issues like beauty expectations and body image on TV.

Hannah Love Island Before Surgery: A Look at Her Natural Appearance

Hannah first appeared on Love Island with a look that caught everyone’s eye. Her natural beauty stood out and won people over. Before she went on Love Island, Hannah’s look was all her own. Let’s dive into what she looked like without any changes, from the start of her journey on the show.

Hannah’s Pre-Show Look

Before going to the villa, Hannah had a simple, yet charming, look. She looked fresh and had a smile that lit up the room. In photos taken before any surgery, it’s clear she already had a light that shone. Her unique beauty and youthfulness were plain to see.

Unedited Photos of Hannah

Photos of Hannah before surgery made their way online. These candid snaps showed her real beauty. They weren’t edited at all. People loved seeing her natural self and praised her for being true to who she is.

Hannah’s Original Features

Hannah had notable features before she changed anything. Here are a few:

  • Expressive eyes framed by natural lashes
  • A soft, heart-shaped face with gentle contours
  • Full, natural lips with a subtle Cupid’s bow
  • A clear complexion with a healthy, rosy glow
  • Naturally arched eyebrows framing her face
Feature Description
Hair Long, flowing locks with natural waves
Skin Smooth texture with a sun-kissed glow
Smile Warm and genuine, with natural teeth alignment
Body Slender figure with natural curves

On Love Island, Hannah showed she didn’t need any changes to be stunning. Sometimes, the most memorable looks are the simplest.

The Pressure of Reality TV and Beauty Standards

Shows like Love Island are making more people change their looks. They feel they must meet specific beauty standards to be on the show. This has caused many to get dramatic changes done before the cameras roll.

Love Island is known for its unique look. Contestants often have perfect bodies, skin, and smiles. This known look pushes many people to have cosmetic surgeries before they’re even seen on TV.

This pressure to change for fame isn’t just about Love Island. In many reality shows, it’s common to see people altering themselves. It shows the big impact the media and society have on what we see as beautiful.

“The reality TV industry has created a beauty arms race, where contestants feel they must transform themselves to stand out,” says Dr Emma Smith, a psychologist specialising in media effects.

Some people say focusing only on looks sets up impossible standards. This can deeply affect how contestants view themselves. The worry about their looks and self-esteem sticks around even after the show ends.

More and more, people are pushing for a wider variety of looks on shows like Love Island. But, the attraction to the ‘perfect’ image is hard to overcome, fuelled by social media and the dream of being famous.

Hannah’s Decision to Undergo Cosmetic Procedures

Hannah’s story about getting cosmetic surgery sparked a lot of curiosity among Love Island fans. She carefully thought about it before changing her looks. This was a big step for her.

Motivations Behind the Transformation

Hannah wanted to feel better about herself with these changes. She, like others in the spotlight, felt the need to look a certain way. Wanting to be on Love Island pushed her to think about cosmetic surgery.

Types of Procedures Hannah Considered

The hannah deville plastic surgery journey involved looking at different options. Some things she thought about getting were:

  • Lip fillers for fuller lips
  • Botox for wrinkle reduction
  • Breast augmentation for enhanced curves
  • Non-surgical nose reshaping

It’s worth noting she didn’t do all these procedures.

Public Reaction to Hannah’s Decision

When the news came out, people reacted differently. Some praised her for being honest. Others worried about how this would affect young people. It made everyone think about beauty on reality shows.

“I think people should be able to choose what they do with their body,” Hannah said.

Her journey showed that her choice was personal. It also made people talk about beauty and pressures in society.

Hannah’s Transformation Journey

Hannah’s change started long before she went on Love Island. She decided to have both surgery and other cosmetic procedures. This helped her get the look she wanted.

She had various plastic surgery treatments. Dermal fillers made her lips and cheeks more pronounced. Botox helped to get rid of her fine lines.

Getting ready for Love Island wasn’t only about her face. Hannah also transformed her body. She got a breast job to feel more confident. And she got really into working out to shape her figure.

Hannah wanted to look perfect all over. She played with her hair and tried different shades. Teeth whitening and special skincare also helped her look her best on the screen.

“I wanted to feel my best self before entering the villa,” Hannah said before the show, showing how important her transformation was to her.

Her journey to change her appearance happened over months. This slow process made it easier for her to get used to her new look. It also helped her feel self-assured for the cameras.

Comparing Before and After: Hannah’s Physical Changes

Hannah’s time on Love Island got a lot of people talking. Fans spotted big changes in how she looked. This started discussions about possible plastic surgery. Let’s look at how Hannah’s appearance changed by comparing her photos from before and after.

Facial Alterations

Hannah’s face showed major changes. Her lips looked plumper, suggesting she might have had lip fillers. Her nose also looked more defined, which could be the work of a nose job. These changes made her face more balanced and brought out her natural beauty.

Body Modifications

This change wasn’t just on her face. Hannah’s body changed too. Her shape became more defined, with a smaller waist and bigger curves. People wondered if she had cosmetic surgeries or followed a strict fitness routine.

Overall Aesthetic Shift

Her overall look changed a lot. She went from being a brunette to a blonde, which matched her new style. She started wearing outfits that were more glamorous and showed off her figure.

Hannah’s transformation was a big deal on Love Island. Some loved her new look, but others worried about the pressure to look a certain way on TV. No matter the view, her change clearly affected her Love Island journey and how people saw her.

The Impact of Hannah’s Transformation on Her Love Island Experience

When Hannah transformed, her confidence soared. This caught the eye of everyone, both inside the villa and watching at home. Her newfound self-assurance became a key part of her story.

The changes in contestants often lead to talks on beauty standards and confidence. When Hannah changed, she seemed more confident. This made her more active in the villa and could have helped her find love.

“I felt like a whole new person. It’s amazing how a change in appearance can affect your inner self,” Hannah shared during a candid moment on the show.

After her change, more guys noticed Hannah. This made her more central to the show’s happenings. Being more visible also meant a more central role in Love Island’s story.

Aspect Before Transformation After Transformation
Confidence Level Moderate High
Screen Time Limited Increased
Romantic Prospects Few Multiple
Public Perception Mixed Largely Positive

Hannah’s change helped her on Love Island, but real success comes from who you are inside. The show values true connections and being true to yourself. Hannah’s story makes us think about how looks and reality TV mix.


Hannah’s experience on Love Island shows a powerful personal growth story. Her journey from her original look to her change reveals how she tackled self-acceptance and the pressure of looking a certain way, especially in reality TV.

Getting cosmetic treatments on the show had a big effect on Hannah. They not only changed how people saw her but also boosted her own confidence. This shift brings to light the ongoing discussion around what beauty means in the media.

Hannah’s experiences make us think about what reality show contestants go through. It makes us question what’s real, how we see ourselves, and the quest for being perfect under the spotlight. In the end, her time on Love Island is more than just about her looks. It dives into her journey of embracing herself and growing as a person.


Who is Hannah from Love Island?

Hannah is a contestant from Love Island UK. She became known after her time on the show.
Her appearance changed a lot after cosmetic surgeries.

What did Hannah look like before her surgery?

Before her surgeries, Hannah looked more natural. Her unaltered pictures from before Love Island show her original look.

Why did Hannah decide to undergo cosmetic procedures?

Hannah faced pressure to look a certain way in the TV industry, including on Love Island. This might have led her to seek cosmetic enhancements.

What types of procedures did Hannah undergo?

The details of Hannah’s surgeries are not clear. She is believed to have had a nose job, breast enhancement, and facial treatments like fillers.

How did Hannah’s transformation impact her Love Island experience?

Her change likely boosted her self-esteem. It might have affected her relationships on Love Island.
It possibly influenced how she did on the show.

How did the public react to Hannah’s decision to undergo cosmetic procedures?

People’s views on Hannah’s surgeries were mixed. Some admired her honesty. Others criticised the beauty standards presented on shows like Love Island.

What can we learn from Hannah’s transformation journey?

Hannah’s story sparks discussions on beauty, body image, and fame’s pressures. It leads us to think about personal choices and the effects of surgeries.

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