Varicose Vein Laser Surgery

Varicose Vein Laser Surgery

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Varicose Vein Removal Surgery

Laser varicose surgery is a surgical procedure used to destroy and reduce varicose veins using heat from the laser. Swollen varicose veins, especially seen in the calf and thigh areas, are reduced by the thin beam of radiation sent by laser. This also prevents scar tissue from forming within the vessel. The laser closes this vein, allowing blood to flow from other nearby veins.


If you have varicose veins that are red, painful, swollen or inflamed, your surgeon may recommend laser surgery for varicose veins. Even just the irritation of the skin over the varicose veins is a reason to have laser surgery. Although varicose veins do not pose a serious health problem, their appearance can bother you or give you pain.

Risk factors

Like all surgical operations, laser surgery for varicose veins involves some potential risks. These risks can be listed as follows:

  • Changes in skin color over the treated vein
  • Redness or swelling (inflammation) of the vein
  • Bruising
  • Pain over the vein
  • Infection
  • Bleed
  • Nerve damage
  • Blood clots
  • Burns

Procedure for Endovenous Ablation of Varicose Veins

Endovenous ablation of varicose veins is a procedure that usually does not require a hospital stay. You can go home the same day after the procedure, which is usually performed in less than an hour. During endovenous laser surgery, you receive local anesthesia along the length of the vein to be treated.

Your surgeon uses ultrasound waves to create an image of the vein on the computer screen. Once the shapes of the veins are clear, your surgeon inserts the catheter into your skin. The catheter with the laser fiber inside is guided into the varicose vein by your surgeon. The laser will heat up along the vessel, causing the vessel to shrink and close. After the operation is completed, your surgeon will put a bandage on the operation area.

What are the benefits and risks?

In the treatment of varicose veins and spiders, laser surgery has many benefits compared to other treatment methods. While this method does not harm healthy tissue, it is effective in destroying varicose veins. Other methods are much more invasive, but this method does not need it. Since the emitted laser beam is very small, it only focuses on the varicose vein and destroys it.

Since varicose veins laser surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, you do not need stitches in this operation. You will also probably not need to wear compression dressings to reduce bruising after the operation.

You can return to your normal activities only 2-3 days after the operation. Since the tissues around the varicose vein are not damaged, you will not feel much pain. Full recovery time after the procedure can take up to a month. Laser therapy is compatible with almost all skin types. You will not experience pigmentation changes or scarring after the operation.



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