Tuberous Breast Correction Treatment

Tuberous Breast Correction Treatment

Tuberous Breast Correction Treatment in Turkey

Tuberous breasts are the type of breasts that lack breast tissue. It causes the breasts to have an irregular shape, and asymmetry sometimes.  Even though it is not certain that what causes tuberous breasts, this issue can cause problems in women's self-esteem, psychology, sexual life, and maternity. So as to fix tuberous breasts, today, the only solution is cosmetic surgery.

Do I Have Tuberous Breasts?

Tuberous breast diagnosis is quite easy. When you look in the mirror, do you see droopy breasts that are not round in shape and maybe too separated from one another? If your answer is yes, then you might have tuberous breasts. Sometimes, the condition only affects one breast of the patient, so it can also cause asymmetry.

Tuberous Breast Correction

So as to correct the tuberous breasts, the main option is cosmetic surgery. Mostly, the tuberous breasts can be fixed with a breast uplift or a combination of breast uplift and breast augmentation. When done together, the uplift will fix the saggy look of the breast, and the augmentation will make up for the lacking tissue, providing a more natural look at the end. Patients with an asymmetry issue might prefer having only an uplift as the implants might cause the asymmetry to be more obvious.

Tuberous Breast Correction Procedure

Tuberous breast correction procedure, as mentioned previously, consists of a combination of breast uplift and augmentation. The procedure is performed under general anesthetic and takes around 2-3 hours. Once the general anesthetic is administered, the surgeon will place the incision wherever it is necessary. In this sense, there are a few different options. The surgeon might prefer making an anchor-shaped incision if the patient wants her nipples resized as well, or a lollipop-shaped incision for less-saggy breasts, or a circular incision around the nipple if the surgery will not be a very extensive one. Once the incision is placed, the surgeon will redistribute the breast tissue, remove the excess skin to uplift the breasts, and insert the implants to achieve more volume.

Tuberous Breast Correction Aftercare

After having a tuberous breast correction procedure, the patient needs to rest a lot. However, moving around the house every once in a while to encourage blood circulation is vital. So, finding the balance between the two is important. Also, the patient will need to avoid doing heavy house chores like cleaning, and movements that would put the incisions under stress, like carrying heavy objects or trying to reach somewhere.

The incisions tend to heal in 5-6 weeks. During this period, the patient needs to clean the area with an iodine solution and apply the antibiotic cream that's prescribed by the surgeon. So as to minimize the risk of getting any infections, the area should be closed with dressings. If the surgeon advises massaging the breasts, the patient should follow these instructions for the implants to settle better and be more in shape. The patient can wear a sports bra (the important thing is that the bra should not have a wire in it) after the operation. In 6 months, all the swelling should be gone and the patient will be able to see the final results.

Tuberous Breast Correction Price in Turkey

Tuberous breast correction price may differ, depending on the needs of the patient and which procedures it is going to be combined with, so, you can contact us to get a price.



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