Trifocal Lens Replacement

Trifocal Lens Replacement

Trifocal lens implants (trifocal intraocular lens implantation) are an advanced type eye lens implants designed to reduce your dependence on eyeglasses. While the multifocal lens implant provides both a distance focus, and a near focus at all times, with the trifocal lenses, patients now can also focus on intermediate distance as well. Your brain will learn to automatically select the focus that is appropriate for the task at hand. There is a brief learning curve for using this unique optical system.


Many people are interested in surgical methods to reduce their dependence upon eyeglasses and contact lenses. Laser eye surgery, such as Lasik, is the most common way to correct nearsightedness if one is under the age of 40. However, for patients over the age of 50, laser surgery by itself is less advantageous. By this time of life, any method that corrects your distance vision (including contact lenses, Lasik, or a standard lens implant) will not work for reading up close without glasses.


What is the difference between Trifocal and Multifocal?

The trifocal lens implant has 2 major differences from the multifocal lens implant

  1. Multifocal lenses can allow a 50+ year-old eye to have focus far and near distance, while trifocal lenses will also allow focus on intermediate distances
  2. With the use of "toric" trifocal lenses, astigmatism can also be addressed, which is not an option with multifocal lens

While the multifocal sounds the best treatment, with these key differences, trifocal is actually the more advanced and is especially recommended for patients who regularly drive at night time as it prevents the appearance of blurry halos around the lights.

Lens replacement surgery requires only topical anesthetic drops, and no bandages or stitches are required. Patients are not able to use their eyes for the day following the operation as it will be covered, therefore each eye gets operated on a separate day so that patients can continue their daily life without having both of their eyes covered. 

Our exclusive operation package for trifocal lens replacement requires a 7 nights stay, and has a cost of £3315. If patient has astigmatism and recommended to have trifocal lens replacement with toric lenses, the addition is only £500.



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