Non-invasive Plasma Therapy

Non-invasive Plasma Therapy

Non-invasive plasma therapy is a skin treatment. Generally, it is used for cosmetic reasons like:
•    Skin tightening
•    Reducing wrinkles
•    Scar and crack treatment
•    Acne treatment
•    Beauty spot removal
•    Sun spot removal.

During a non-invasive plasma therapy operation, the surgeon uses a pen-like device to generate plasma energy right above the patient’s skin. This energy sublimates the cells on the uppermost layer of the skin, stimulating the fibroblast activity. Fibroplasts are some type of skin cells that keeps the skin tight, bright and helps it recover from traumas. Depending on the condition of the patient’s skin, 1-3 sessions might be necessary.

Non-invasive plasma therapy operation takes generally 30-60 minutes. It is done under local anaesthesia. The surgeon uses the plasma pen on the operation site to generate energy on the skin (without touching the skin) and will apply a cooling gel afterwards.

Some little scabs form in the postoperative period of the operation, but they generally flake off in a week. Also, the patients generally experience some swelling in the operated area, which also goes down in a few days. In the following weeks, the recovery will be complete and the skin will look younger and tighter.

Non-invasive plasma therapy is not recommended for:
•    Women who are pregnant or have given birth recently
•    People who are allergic to anaesthetics
•    People who have a high chance of getting an infection afterwards, due to their living condition, job, or some other reason.

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