Nipple Correction

Nipple Correction

Nipple correction is a procedure that surgeons resort to when one or both of the nipples are curved inward, go down, or deteriorate their aesthetic appearance. In such cases, the nipple can come out and return to its place with manual warning and aspiration. In addition, the nipple may not appear at all and may not come out.

In these cases, you can determine which method will correct your nipple sagging with the surgeon's examination. Surgical procedures such as nipple correction surgery are generally more effective and take longer. In sunken nipples, the nipples invert rather than turn outward, or they are embedded in the breast and aren’t visible. With stimulation, touching, pressing, chilling, or sucking, the nipple may pop out and return to its place. Also, the nipples may not protrude at all.

Generally, about 10% of women face the problem of sagging in one or both breasts. This problem is also seen in some men. If this nipple collapse occurs suddenly or gradually in women, especially if they are over 40 to 50, it is necessary to see a doctor to examine and diagnose the disease. However, this complication is typical in most cases and accompanies a person after childhood or adolescence. In such cases, the most effective method to solve this problem is the nipple correction procedure.

Nipple Correction in Turkey

The nipple correction procedure in Turkey is a general and effective procedure that dramatically improves the appearance of the nipples. Nipple correction in Turkey is a highly effective and definitive solution.

During the initial consultation, surgeons will examine your nipples, discuss your concerns and goals, and explain the different surgical techniques available. The procedure typically involves making incisions around the nipple and removing excess tissue to reshape and reposition the nipple. The process will be under anesthesia as usual, and you can typically return to work within a few days.

It is essential to follow the post-operative care instructions provided by your surgeon to ensure a smooth and successful recovery. If you have any concerns or questions before or after the procedure, don't hesitate to contact your surgeon for guidance and support.

Types of Inverted Nipples

In general, there are three types of inverted nipples:

  • Grade 1: This grade is the mildest form of an inverted nipple. The nipple can be easily pulled out and retains its protrusion after stimulation.
  • Grade 2: This type of inverted nipple can be pulled out but retracted into the breast after stimulation or when pressure is released.
  • Grade 3: This is the most severe form of inverted nipple. The nipple is retracted and cannot be pulled out or turned out, even with a warning.

It's important to remember that while inverted nipples typically don’t pose a medical problem, they can cause discomfort or shyness for some people. Inverted nipple correction surgery in Turkey is an effective way to improve the appearance of inverted nipples and regain confidence. The specific type of surgery will depend on the severity of the inversion and the patient's goals. Of course, the surgeon will give you all the information about the techniques, risks, benefits, and procedures.

Nipple Correction Surgery Technique

You can choose several techniques for nipple correction surgery in Turkey, depending on your specific concerns. Check out some of the popular methods patients prefer:

  • Nipple reduction: This procedure involves the surgeon removing the excess tissue from the nipple to reduce size. The surgeon will make an incision around the base of the nipple, removing excess tissue before closing the incision.
  • Inverted nipple correction: Surgeons can correct inverted nipples by releasing the tissues that cause inversion and reshaping the nipple to form a more normal protrusion. The surgeon will make a small incision at the base of the nipple, releasing the tight bands of tissue that cause the nipple to retract. The specialist will then shape the nipple and fix it in a more outward-facing position.
  • Areola reduction: In this procedure, the doctor reduces the areola size to create a more proportional and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The surgeon will make an incision around the areola and remove excess tissue before closing the incision.
  • Nipple reconstruction: This procedure is typically done after a breast reconstruction surgery to recreate the appearance of the nipple. The plastic surgeon will use a local tissue or skin graft to create a new nipple that will shape and position to fit the other nipple.

Nipple Correction Price in Turkey

The nipple correction price in Turkey not fix, and many factors affect the costs. Many factors change prices, such as the surgeon's experience, the location of the hospital or clinic you choose for the procedure, the complexity of your process (related to factors such as what level of inversion you have), the surgical techniques the surgeon will choose, and the time required. For this reason, it will be much better to talk to the surgeon directly.

The aim of this article is to give you a general information about the surgical intervention in question. You need to make more research about possible complications and risks of this selected procedure in order to make an informed decision. Please note that complications occur more frequently with patients who are obese, smoke, and have a history or lung or other chronic underlying medical conditions.

Smokers are recognized to have a significantly higher risk of post operative wound healing problems with a subsequently higher potential of infection as well as operative and post operative bleeding. Patients should discontinue smoking for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Although it helps to stop smoking before and after surgery, this does not completely eliminate the increased risks resulting from long­ term smoking. Smoking also has a long term adverse effect on the skin and ageing process. 



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