Male Eyebag Removal

Male Eyebag Removal

Demand for aesthetic operations related to the eye region is increasing not only in women but also in men. The eyes are where communication starts, and any problem here can damage self-confidence. One of the most common eye area problems is male eye bags. Swellings that occur with the increase of age due to the prominence of fat in the tissue under the eye are called male eye bags. These swellings or bags negatively affect physical appearance. However, you can get rid of these eye bags thanks to very short-term operations.

Male eye bag removal operations allow you to have a more aesthetic and beautiful smile without disturbing the natural character of your face. It destroys the negative emotions brought by aging and contributes to a healthier-looking face.

What Causes Eye Bags?

The biggest reason for eye bags is aging. Depending on aging, the tissues in the eye area loosen in both men and women and there is fat accumulation in these points. The sebaceous glands accumulated due to aging create swelling around the eyes. Another common cause of eye bags is that it is genetic. In some people, eye bags can be seen earlier and more effectively due to genetic factors. Apart from these, frequent alcohol consumption and smoking are known to cause more eye bags.

Chronic diseases and allergies can also be the cause. If you think that it has a negative effect on your physical appearance, you can get rid of it in minutes thanks to the male eye bag removal operation. It is now very easy to get your young and aesthetically pleasing eyes. Thanks to male eye bag removal operations, you can get rid of this puffiness in your eyes within 1 hour and have a young face.

Male Eye Bag Removal Operation

Male eye bag removal operations are also called "blepharoplasty". This operation takes a total of 1 hour for both eyes and is a painless process. Before the operation, the use of blood thinners should be discontinued. After the procedure, a cold press should be applied around the eye at certain intervals. This will reduce the edema. After the surgery, it is necessary to sleep upside down for at least one week. It is useful to stay away from strenuous activities for a while.

After this operation, your eye bags take on the shape they should be. The most suitable program is prepared according to the opinions of  RevitalizeinTurkey expert physicians and in line with your expectations. In male eye bag removal operations, the patient can leave the hospital on the same day. It is a painless and easy operation. In a short time, you will soon think that you look better.

Male Eye Bag Removal Operation in Turkey

One of the most common plastic surgery applications in recent years is eye bag removal operations. It is a very frequently requested procedure not only for women but also for men. People who need or want to have male eye bag removal should have it done by expert teams. If male eye bag removal is performed by inexperienced people who do not serve in this field, it can have dangerous results as it is a process that affects the eye area.

People from different parts of the world prefer Turkey for male eye bag removal operations. RevitalizeinTurkey, which will not strain your budget and where you can get high-level results in terms of safety and quality, helps you in this regard. Get male eye bag removal done by our well-equipped and high-quality teams in Turkey at affordable prices, and enjoy having better-smiling eyes after the procedure. You can reach both our UK and Turkey offices 24/7.

The aim of this article is to give you a general information about the surgical intervention in question. You need to make more research about possible complications and risks of this selected procedure in order to make an informed decision. Please note that complications occur more frequently with patients who are obese, smoke, and have a history or lung or other chronic underlying medical conditions.

Smokers are recognized to have a significantly higher risk of post operative wound healing problems with a subsequently higher potential of infection as well as operative and post operative bleeding. Patients should discontinue smoking for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Although it helps to stop smoking before and after surgery, this does not completely eliminate the increased risks resulting from long­ term smoking. Smoking also has a long term adverse effect on the skin and ageing process. 



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