Female Hair Restoration

Female Hair Restoration

Hair loss in women includes many differences compared to men. For example, women's hairstyles are much more diverse, the prevalence of hair loss patterns is different, and the female hairline is different. The most common cause of hair loss in women is hereditary female pattern baldness. In addition, conditions such as eating disorders, low thyroid hormone levels, low iron levels, high testosterone levels and pregnancy can also cause hair loss.

Among the new causes of hair loss in women are poor scarring and deterioration of hair growth after brow-lift, facelift and similar facial aesthetic operations. Whatever the reason, hair loss in women is a problem that can be overcome with hair restoration operation. Hair transplant in women has many differences compared to hair transplant in men, and it gives great results when applied correctly.

Am I a Candidate for Female Hair Restoration?

If you are a woman who has hair loss due to medication, genetics, pregnancy or any other reason, you are a candidate for hair restoration surgery. Those considering the female hair transplant procedure should have dense hair growth areas where donor hair follicles can be taken. Your surgeon can examine this with a simple examination. Candidates must also not have any medical conditions that would prevent their recovery.

Female Hair Transplant Procedure

Female hair restoration operation offers a permanent solution for women who have uneven or thinning hair. A donor area is determined at the back of your head to be ready for the operation. After the grafts are collected from this area with the FUE technique, they are planted in certain places on your scalp.

Your surgeon will work with precision so that the new hair looks natural and realistic. In this way, no one will understand that you have had a hair transplant, all the hair on your head will be of the same thickness and density.

Female Hair Restoration Results

A few days after the hair restoration operation, you can wash your hair in accordance with your surgeon's instructions. After two months, there will be no trace or difference on your head. It may take several months to see visible growth in new hair. You can see the final results of the operation only after 9 months to 1 year.

Hair transplant restoration results include:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Youthful hairline that is not receding
  • Thicker, fuller hair overall
  • Natural-looking hair density
  • Reduced bald spots

These long-lasting results offer a permanent solution to the problems caused by hair loss. The female hair restoration procedure is painless. During the operation, your scalp is locally numbed, so you do not feel pain or ache. After the operation, your surgeon will prescribe you painkillers. Women can dye their hair and return to other hair care routines, usually two weeks after the operation.



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