Arm Lift

Arm Lift

Your doctor will position incisions carefully to conceal scarring as much as possible. Nevertheless, there are certain things you can do to further reduce the appearance of scars. These include: Eating a healthy diet, with plenty of vitamins and lean protein; Staying hydrated during recovery; Avoiding direct sunlight on the incision; Quitting smoking; Lightly massaging the area; Using topical scar cream; Treating scars with silicone sheeting; Laser therapy can also minimize scars after they are fully healed.

You should postpone brachioplasty until you are at a stable weight. Further weight loss could leave more stretched or damaged skin, meaning you could require a revision surgery.

If you maintain a stable weight and exercise regularly, the results of your arm lift could last for decades. Cosmetic surgery cannot stop the aging process or prevent you from losing skin elasticity. Nevertheless, in most cases, you will never have the severely drooping skin that you had before your brachioplasty.


An arm lift on the forearms is quite rare. Nevertheless, doctors can perform this procedure on its own or in conjunction with an upper arm lift. Keep in mind that this treatment will leave an additional scar on your forearm, which will be harder to conceal. If you are interested in treating both areas of your arm, you should discuss this with your surgeon at your initial consultation.


If stretch marks are located on the extra skin, the doctor can remove these marks when trimming away the excess tissues. However, brachioplasty is not a good solution for stretch marks on their own. The treatment also cannot remove stretch marks on your healthy skin.


Wrinkled or excess skin on the elbows is often one of the first signs of aging. An arm lift can eliminate this skin and give you a much younger appearance. However, the surgeon will need to create a longer incision, running from your arm pit to your elbow. In some cases, it may have to extend beyond this point.

If you have good skin quality, you are likely a candidate for liposuction on its own. This procedure will eliminate excess fat, and your healthy skin will readjust to the new shape of your arm. An arm lift is designed to address damaged, loose skin. You may be a good candidate for this procedure, even if you do not carry any excess fat on your arms. Again, you can combine the two procedures if you struggle with both stubborn fat deposits and sagging skin.



Bilateral brachioplasty simply means an arm lift performed on both arms at the same time.


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