Dry Eye - Xerophtalmia Treatments

Dry Eye - Xerophtalmia Treatments

Dry Eye Treatment in Turkey

Some patients may suffer from a blockage or dysfunction of glands that provide tears to the eyes. In those cases, if the eye drops are not enough, the patient might need a dry eye treatment.

Dry Eye Treatment Procedure in Turkey

Dry eye treatments involve warm laser therapy that massages the eyelids gently. The pulsating laser makes the oil inside the tear glands excrete better. This oil, excreted in the tear glands makes it easier for the tears to move inside the gland, and reach the eye at the end. The procedure takes around 15 minutes, and severe cases might necessitate multiple sessions. Alternatively, an intense-pulsing laser can be used for the dry eye treatment which is more effective in more severe cases.

Dry Eye Treatment Aftercare

Dry eye treatment does not necessitate a complex aftercare practice. The skin might feel sunburnt after the procedure, and it may take a few days for it to completely wear off. The skin might look red, which is expected to heal by itself in 2-5 days. After the treatment, the patient needs to avoid wearing makeup around the eye, and if you need to go out, apply sunscreen.

Dry Eye Treatment Price in Turkey

Dry eye treatment price in Turkey can vary depending on how many sessions the patient needs. So, in order to get a quotation, you can contact us now.

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