Cheek Implants

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are a procedure surgeons prefer to increase cheek volume, change its shape, highlight the cheek, and enlarge the cheek and chin. In the past, surgeons used cheek implants to reconstruct the face after congenital disabilities or damage. However, today, prominent cheeks have become one of the beauty criteria in the world. Recently, cheek implants in Turkey have become an effective way to define cheeks, combat facial aging and rejuvenate the face.  

People with dimples under the eyes, wrinkles around the nose and lips, lip sagging, and facial wrinkles can regain their facial beauty with this method. Benefits of this procedure include facial symmetry, simultaneous operation with other cosmetic procedures such as face and forehead lifts, and low post-operative risks.

Why Should One Consider Having Cheek Implants?

Cheek implants significantly improve your appearance. Suitable candidates for any implant procedure are those who are healthy and have reasonable expectations from surgery. You should consult the surgeon before having cheek implant surgery. Here are some significant reasons to consider a cheek implant in general:

  • Improving facial balance: Cheek implants help stabilize facial features too prominent or recessed. It creates a more aesthetically pleasing facial structure for you.
  • Restoring volume: Cheeks lose volume and sag as we age, creating a tired or aged appearance. This procedure restores fullness and makes a more youthful appearance to your cheeks.
  • Correcting asymmetry: Some people may have naturally asymmetrical cheeks. This procedure restores the asymmetry.
  • Avoiding repeated injections: Some people may use dermal fillers to beautify their cheeks. However, these treatments are temporary and require frequent touch-ups. This procedure offers a permanent and long-lasting solution.
  • Increasing self-confidence: You may feel reserved about the appearance of your cheeks. This procedure provides a boost in self-confidence and overall satisfaction with your appearance.

Cheek Implant Incision

The incision for cheek implants in Turkey completely changes depending on the particular technique used by the surgeon. However, the most common incision sites for cheek implant surgery are the inside of the mouth and the lower eyelid.

Specialists choose both incision sites for their ability to hide scars and provide a natural-looking result. The surgeon will determine which incision site best suits your situation based on your facial anatomy and aesthetic goals.

Cheek Implant Placement

Cheek implant placement in Turkey involves the surgeon creating a pocket in the cheek tissue and placing the implant. Implants are typically made of solid silicone or another biocompatible material and are available in various shapes and sizes to achieve the desired result. Check out the general steps for cheek implant placement in Turkey in general:

  • Anesthesia

Depending on the surgeon's recommendation and your preference, you will receive sedated local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

  • Process

As we said earlier, the surgeon will make an incision in the mouth or lower eyelid. The specialist will then use surgical instruments to create a pocket in the cheek tissue above or below the cheekbone. The specialist will carefully size this pocket to accommodate your chosen implant. The doctor will place the implant in the bag, adjusting it to achieve your desired placement.

  • Final

The surgeon secures the implant with surgical sutures or screws to keep it in the desired position. Finally, the specialist will close the incision with surgical sutures. The specialist will apply a bandage or compression garment to reduce swelling and speed healing.

Cheek Implant Recovery

Most of the time, recovery after a cheek implant is short, and you only need one week off work. Complete recovery depends on personal habits and whether you prefer another surgery simultaneously as implant surgery. There will be bruising and swelling for at least two days after the surgery. The doctor will advise on how to recognize abnormal swelling and bruising. Check out what you need to consider in the cheek implant recovery process:

  • Use ice packs
  • Apply ointments or creams to external cuts
  • Place sterile gauze on the surgical site.
  • Consume soft foods during this period
  • Gargle

Cheek Implant Results

This surgery has side effects and results like other surgeries. In this surgery, displacement is possible as the specialist places the implant on the part of the face. In this case, another surgery requires. Infection formation is another risk in facial implant surgery. If the surgical site becomes infected, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

However, cheek implant results in Turkey are long-term and generally permanent. In addition, the results are pretty successful. It would be best to heed your doctor's recommendations to increase your chances of success.

Cheek Implant Price in Turkey

The cost of cheek implants in Turkey varies according to the surgeon's experience, location, materials, methods, and anesthesia type. However, the costs are much lower than in other countries due to the exchange rate difference and high demand. It is necessary to consult the clinic for exact prices.

The aim of this article is to give you a general information about the surgical intervention in question. You need to make more research about possible complications and risks of this selected procedure in order to make an informed decision. Please note that complications occur more frequently with patients who are obese, smoke, and have a history or lung or other chronic underlying medical conditions.

Smokers are recognized to have a significantly higher risk of post operative wound healing problems with a subsequently higher potential of infection as well as operative and post operative bleeding. Patients should discontinue smoking for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Although it helps to stop smoking before and after surgery, this does not completely eliminate the increased risks resulting from long­ term smoking. Smoking also has a long term adverse effect on the skin and ageing process.




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