All on Four Implant Treatment

All on Four Implant Treatment

All on four is an implant treatment technique that fixates a dental prothesis with use of 4 implants that are placed in specific angles into the jawbone. It is the most comfortable treatment option for patients with no teeth. This treatment can be also implemented with 6 implants if it is needed. 

After losing all teeth, patients can experience bone loss, reducing the distance between the gums and nerve line for the lower jaw and sinus gaps for the upper. This would prevent dentists from performing a regular implant treatment as implants shouldn't reach to nerve lines and sinus gaps. While these issues can be addressed with bone grafting and sinus lift, all on four technique enables dentist and patient to by pass these additional procedures, reducing the time consumption, complexity and cost of the treatment. 

4 (2 additional implants can be added if it is required for additional assistance) are placed into the jawbone in certain angles. 2 implants are fitted into the front area, where the bone is thickest, and 2 more is fitted into the back area. Front implants are fitted vertically, while back ones are fitted with 45 degrees. Following the implant fitting a temporary dental prothesis is placed on top of the implants. This way patient gets to have teeth right away. Permanent teeth can be placed at least 3 months after.

What are the advantages of All on Four treatment?

  • patients can have the implants and prothesis in the same day
  • additional treatments such as bone grafting and sinus lift can be by-passed
  • reduced treatment duration
  • lower cost as it requires less implants
  • easier maintenance compared to fixed dental prothesis
  • better for patients who can't use removable dentures due to vomiting reflex
  • easier to get used to since it does not have palate


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