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Testimonials - Hair Transplant - Overall I would recommend Revitalize.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by the lovely driver holding my name card. I travelled from the UK on my own so I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. I arrived at the villa only to be welcomed with open arms by Teona. Her approach was very warm which immediately put me at ease. I settled in with fellow patients very quickly which helped make my environment comfortable. Turan was fantastic & professional. He made his presence readily available and even came with a birthday cake & flowers for a patient’s birthday. I was impressed. The driver was amazing. His English was not great but you could still somehow have a minimal conversation with him. He often treated me and others to an ice cream without us having to ask. That was lovely! The cook was very skillfull in the kitchen. Beautiful and fresh food cooked daily. A lot of effort was always made. However the portions are quite big so I think I have put a bit more weight on   (This is not a criticism-constructive feedback) Although her food was yummy


Teona looked after me fantastically. She ensured I was on top of my mediation, helped me with my spandex/dressings, hair maintenance (hair transplant) and enabled me to go shopping by arranging for her friend to meet us and ensure our safety - Charlie!!. Overall I would recommend Revitalize. I stayed for 10 days and must stress I am so sorry & sad to be leaving Teona. She truly asset to Revitalize! Many patients have said the same. She has a heart of gold. She is patient, approachable & caring. Turan, Harun and Dr Cenk are very professional. But very very nice people indeed.

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