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Paul Webster -Cairns / Australia

''I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone about my experience with revitalize Turkey.We came to Turkey after considering many overseas countries that offer dental treatments. We choose Turkey as it is the birthplace of modern medicine and although a great distance from Australia, we found it offered a more diverse range of tourist activities. Our 1st consideration was of course the price of the dental treatments on offer. We were very surprised to find that the clinics here offered a level of professionalism that is light years ahead of Australia. In Australia our dentist had provided the wrong advice for each of our dental needs, stating that the only option was having to have braces for both myself and my daughter. When we had our 1st consultation we were told that braces were not required and we are delighted with the end result. Having a good smile opens the door to a greater range of employment options, social standings and most importantly a greater self esteem. These improvements cannot be measured in dollars alone as my whole life has now changed. There was the old me and now the new me and I cannot express in words my gratitude in my complete transformation. I would recommend Revitalize in Turkey to anyone requiring dental treatment as Izdent Izmir have the most professional most highly qualified and caring dentist's on earth. If you are in need of dental work please take my advice and look no further than Revitalize Turkey they are simply the best.''


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