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IntraLASIK is a method of performing LASIK eye surgery in a totally bladeless fashion. IntraLASIK is often marketed as "all laser, blade-free" LASIK, as a laser is used to form the flap that is usually created by using a steel blade. IntraLase is the name of the first manufacturer to receive FDA approval for using femtosecond laser technology instead of a blade.




Excimer laser treatment has been started after years of clinical studies and medical knowledge. It is also approved by Food and Drug Administration in the USA.




This actually depends on the thickness of the cornea. In case of recurrence and suitable cornea thickness, it can be applied again. Only 5 % of the cases may require another application. It may occur again if the correction has been applied on the eyes with high dioptrics or overreacted eyes. Since mikrokeratom will not be used again, a secondary laser treatment will be more comfortable for the patient.






The first step is to measure your eyes’ unique characteristics by wavescan technology. WaveScan technology is used to get 3D map of your refractive errors. Each eye has unique characteristics which are different even from each other. Therefore every laser treatment should be plannned according to these specifications to receive the most succesfull results. Afterwards, Advanced CustomVue program designs your customized treatment accordingly.


By this technology, laser pulses are easily be programmed counting any tiny details about your eye during laser treatment.




In this method,Full Computerized Intralase technology is used to create a very tiny flep on our cornea by sending laser pulses without using of a blade.




Until now, all detaied analyses have been carried out by wavescan and a unique flep has been created by Intralase technology. Advanced CustomVue technology which has been the only FDA approved laser method corrects myopia, hypermopia or astigmatism perfectly. Any minimal movement of the eyes are tracked instantly and corrected without any errors by this AutoFocus technology developed by NASA.




1- It takes only 15-25 seconds for laser application and appx. 10 minutes for the total treatment.

2- It is not necessary to cover the eye or keep the patient in the hospital.

3- Both eyes can also be treated at once if necessary.

4- Visual aquity can be corrected in the same session.

5- This is a very secure treatment to make any necessary corrections related to myopia, hypermopia and astigmatism.

6- Since the results will never be changed after 3 months, It is a long-lasting treatment.

7- As it is applied directly on the cornea, no significant marks can be seen from the outside.

8- After operation, your glass dependancy disappears and more comfortable life will start. Your new prescription either will show no or a tiny change after 3 months.




1- Lasik treatment corrects myopia at all levels.

2- Recurrence is not expected for low eye measures.

3- Your eye measures will be consistent within a short time.

4- It can be applied to both eyes at once.

5- Hospitalization is not necessary.

6- Patients may go back to normal life within 24 hours.

7- In-build Turbo Eye Tracker is a unique system which tracks all the vertical and horizontal movements on the patient’s eyes.

8- Any tiny difference between horizantal and vertical position of the patient is automatically adjusted and corrected by the Static Torsion Management System.

9- All rotative movements are also controlled and corrected by the Dynamic Torsion system.




1- People over 18 who have been using glasses or lenses permanently

2- People who don’t have eye disease like keratoconus or Glocoma

3- People who don’t have any systematic disease like diabetis or rheumatism.

4- People who have permament eye prescpription for a year min.

5- Women who are either not in pregnancy or brestfeeding period.




People who have been using rigid contact lenses must quit using them 3 weeks prior to the surgery. People who have been using soft contact lenses must quit using them 1 week prior to the surgery.

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