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  • Private Gazi Hospital
    Private Gazi Hospital has been audited on regular time intervals by the National Private Hospital Auditing Body. Reports of auditing body has indicated that there has not been any case of MRSA which has been detected at the hospital so far.
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  • Dr Cenk Tokat
    Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeon
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  • Professor Ahmet Seyhan
    Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeon
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  • Dt. Baris Ozgur
    Cosmetic Dentist and Dental Implant Specialist
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  • Dr Seyithan Kırtay
    Otorhinolaryntologist and Rhinoplasty Surgeon
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  • Dr Murat Melih Can
    Plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
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  • Deluxe Patient Complex
    Revitalize Deluxe Patient Complex
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In view of the latest announcement made by the UK Government, international travel would be made possible by the 17th May, however, it would likely to be that the restrictions would be lifted by April 12th in line with the Travel Taskforce's appraisal of the situation, effective vaccine rollout and the overall decline of the virus would likely to contribute for a positive decision to bring the  flight restriction calendar forward, so we are upbeat for the flights to resume by mid April.

Here are some other important updates and measures in place both in Turkey and UK

1) There is no quarantine measures for any UK citizen in Turkey on arrival, it would be likely that the patients woulds be required to  fly with a negative PCR test result only (Tests have to be done no late than 72 hrs before the departure time).

2) There is no  measure for any of UK citizens to be quarantined in the UK upon arrival from Turkey, as Turkey is not listed on the red-list countries where UK citizens are asked to exercise caution for traveling.

3) On arrival to UK, UK citizens are asked to provide a proof a PCR test, which should be done no later than 48 hrs before the departure, all of our  treatment packages include two sets of PCR test done the first one of which is done the next day the patient arrives before having any treatment, the second one is done two days prior to traveling back to UK.

We take all the measure possible to make sure that you stay at a risk-free environment with all the possible precautions taken with the highest level of hygiene management in place.

We shall endeavor to keep you updated.

RevitalizeinTurkey Team

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