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I’m Jackie Bonham, Patient Coordinator for Revitalize In Turkey. You’ve probably arrived here, seeking cosmetic, dental, or bariatric surgery abroad as you’ve found the cost of UK treatment providers to be prohibitive, yet are well aware of the risks involved in travelling abroad for medical procedures. Let me reassure you – The clinical team at Revitalize are at all times courteous and professional - patient comfort and satisfaction is a priority. The surgeons they select are accredited with professional bodies including the Turkish Ministry of Heatlh and the Turkish Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons. All are highly skilled, experienced and respected by fellow medical profession English is spoken fluently by the entire team, although patients are further comforted by the luxury of a dedicated private English-speaking nurse during the first night of the hospital stay (and longer by negotiation if required). Surgery is also performed in the fully-equipped Private Gazi Hospital in Izmir, which has no history of super-bugs such as MRSA and is subject to strict hygiene controls and audited at regular intervals by the National Private Hospital Auditing Body. Patients are followed up during their stay with post-operative checks with the surgeon and are routinely given personal mobile phones with which to contact representatives in the event of any concern. In the unlikely event of complications arising after surgery, these are most likely to occur during the first week or two after surgery so the packages are designed to allow for optimum recovery before travelling home. Accommodation is of a high standard, with four-star including breakfast being the minimum, however, a VIP Service is available, if required, for those wishing to add an extra dimension of luxury to their package, which includes accommodation upgrades and private transfers throughout the stay. Whilst cost shouldn’t be the main factor in electing to travel abroad for treatment (we’re all too aware of the horror stories reported regularly in the media regarding unscrupulous providers). Nonetheless the high cost of surgery in the UK doesn’t guarantee successful results – we’ve all seen celebrities able to finance the services of ‘top’ surgeons with disastrous results. Prospective patients are encouraged to examine testimonials both on this website and http://www.treatmentabroad.com . During the booking phase, I liaise with patients and the medical team, assisting with the arrangements, sending hints and tips, flights and pre-operative advice. Patients are followed up on their return home with information on second-stage compression wear and scar treatments and reassuring advice and contact with the surgeon if necessary.

Please give me a call or send me a text or email if you’d like some impartial advice on treatment options. I look forward to hearing from you!

Jackie Bonham

UK Patient Coordinator

Revitalize Health UK Ltd


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