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Experience our Fully Inclusive Home Care Packages making your stay and recuperation process truly memorable.


We understand that you will have special needs during your recuperation so have personalized packages catering for your requirements with all necessary support and assistance, thus reducing stress related to having surgery away from home and aiding your healing process.

RevitalizeInTurkey has its own villa situated very close to the sea side area, offering patients a special accommodation experience where we are able to offer  our personal assistance and support at all times during your post operative recuperation process.

RevitalizeinTurkey is one of the few clinics abroad to offer an unrivaled after-care service with its dedicated team of specialist, carers and medical advisors.

We offer a completely concern-free experience...


Staying alone after the operation at a hotel room is one of the off-putting elements that could deter most of the patients to travel on their own to a foreign country for surgery. At our villa complex, patients enjoy being looked after by our English speaking carer at a tranquil setting.

You can soak up the sun and indulge in the gourmet food.

Staying at the hotel post-operatively has more limitations; patients with bandages would not be able to go out for a walk, most of the hotels don't have any balconies or outdoor spaces at all.

At our Mandarin Grove Welness and Health Retreat, we have a spacious garden large balconies where patients can sit outside to enjoy the sunshine. We offer a perfect setting for a perfect recovery. 

For more information about our Mandarin Grove Welness and Health Retreat click here.




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