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Tunçelli Tourism, Health, Medical and Consultancy Ltd. Co (hereby known as RevitalizeInTurkey) aim to deliver our clients to experience exceptionally high quality medical services in Turkey. RevitalizeInTurkey acts as a facilitator through client’s journey, from the initial consultation through to client’s return journey home. We are committed to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards and work with medical partners who share this commitment. We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in our dealings with and on behalf of our clients and our medical partners with we are associated. We place the interest of our client above our own.


We encourage patients to express their concerns and ensure that they make an informed decision in dialogue with the specialist before agreeing to any surgery. Patient’s decision to proceed with surgery is done in consultation between patient and medical specialist. Medical Professional / specialist are all qualified and registered with their respective associations and bodies and therefore adhere to their professional codes of conduct and follow an informed consent process. Informed-consent documents are used to communicate information about the proposed surgical treatment along with disclosure of risks and alternative forms of treatment(s). The informed-consent process attempts to define principles of risk disclosure that should generally meet the needs of most patients in most circumstances. However, informed consent documents should not be considered all inclusive in defining other methods of care and risks encountered. Your surgeon may provide you with additional or different information, which is based on all the facts in your particular case and the state of medical knowledge. Informed-consent documents are not intended to define or serve as the standard of medical care. Standards of medical care are determined on the basis of all of the facts involved in an individual case and are subject to change as scientific knowledge and technology advance and as practice patterns evolve.


The Following Points Highlight the Obligations between Client and RevitalizeInTurkey:


RevitalizeInTurkey acts as a Medical facilitator and does not make any medical evaluations, decisions or comments and is unable to offer any guarantee regards the outcome of your treatment. RevitalizeInTurkey reminds you that all surgery carries a risk, has limitations, which could include disappointment with the results. You should agree about the anticipated outcome of your surgery and concur about your expectations of the results with the specialist before signing any documentation. You should discuss alternative treatments and thoroughly understand the risk of the procedures.


We encourage open dialogue at all times as a means to resolve issues that may arise and as a medical facilitator we will address any complaints on your behalf and if necessary direct to the relevant parties. If any dispute may arise the surgeon is only liable if litigation takes place in Turkey, under Turkish Republic Law. In the event that any dispute at any medical nature arises, only the surgeon would be liable and in any case of litigation, Turkish Judiciary and Turkish Republic Law would be resorted to resolve the litigation.


We deal with patients, Payers, suppliers and providers with honesty and integrity. The quote will include the procedure that you and the hospitals and surgeons we are affiliated with, have agreed upon. All procedures should be thoroughly understood and if there is any aspect that you do not understand please seek clarification.


Please be aware that all surgery has a risk attached to it and in the case of cosmetic surgery there may be an element of dissatisfaction with the final outcome.


We will not be held responsible for medical procedure disputes. Our liability is limited to a duty of care in our capacity as a third party facilitator governed by Turkish law.


In the event of a dispute between you and the surgeon this would be conducted under the country in which your operation took place.


Your cosmetic surgery will be carried out at a fixed price that is agreed with you before the treatment starts.


Responsibilities and Obligations of Client

Clients have the right to expect certain terms and conditions from RevitalizeInTurkey and its associated medical partners, but they also, for the sake of their health care, have certain responsibilities and obligations when electing to receive medical care and treatment though RevitalizeInTurkey and its medical partners.

Clients have the following responsibilities:

To work with RevitalizeInTurkey together with the selected surgeons and healthcare provider to develop and carry out agreed upon treatment plans.

To ask questions if you do not understand information, medical terms, the specifics of treatment, or what is expected of you and prepare written questions and comments for your doctor.

To consult with your doctor before self-medicating or seeking alternative therapies including herbal medicines that might interfere with your ongoing treatment. We strongly advice not to seek for any self-medication without priorly consulting your doctor. RevitalizeInTurkey does not hold any responsibility for client’s wrongdoing, not following the instructions of the surgeon and self-medicating with priorly consulting the surgeon.

To disclose relevant information to your doctors, nurses and RevitalizeInTurkey’s staff before during and after treatment, including unexpected changes in your condition, new symptoms, or increased pain. Client’s fully disclosure of every single detail in his/her medical condition has utmost importance and RevitalizeInTurkey does hold any responsibility for any result happened because of lack of information provided by the client regarding with his/her own medical condition.

To make an effort to understand and accept the cultural differences of the health workers caring for you, and between you and patients from other countries, show respect and courtesy to those you meet on your medical journey, and clearly communicate your wants and needs.

To take all possible precautions against spreading disease or infection, including frequently washing hands and strictly following doctor’s orders.

To keep your appointments. If you are unable to do so for any reason, notify RevitalizeInTurkey immediately.

To make sure you know all the costs involved in your care and treatment, properly arrange to make your payments and otherwise to meet you financial obligations.

To be honest, accurate and thorough when providing personal information, and update this information regularly.

To be prepared and knowledgeable as best you can about your medical condition and needs: seek expert advice from your general practitioner and / or RevitalizeInTurkey and to keep your home doctors informed about your plans and provide necessary tests and lab results priorly if required.

To seek out reliable sources of information: and be particularly cautious of internet websites and chat rooms, media that may distort, positively or negatively, information about a hospital, doctor, RevitalizeInTurkey or patient / clients.

To understand that as a medical Tourist who is also an international patient / client, you are a partner in your medical care and assume more responsibility that at home. If you chose to discontinue treatment, transfer your care and records to another physician or facility or otherwise act against doctors advise, you may not hold the doctor, hospital or RevitalizeInTurkey responsible for any consequences of your decision.


Fixed price:

This is the price that we state in your cosmetic surgery quotation and booking document.

Cosmetic Surgery Quotation and Booking Document:

This is the document we send you to confirm the treatment to be carried out and the fixed price for the treatment, also flights (if any), accommodation (if any)  etc.

Your treatment plan and thus treatment package initially provided may include a change after having final consultation by the surgeon and your lab tests results having evaluated by the anesthetist.  In this case, your treatment package and thus price will be revised accordingly and will be submitted to your confirmation to proceed with the revised treatment plan.

Fully Inclusive Service:

Upon your Hospital Admission:

Pre-operative assessment on the day of your surgery

Your own private room within the hospital

24 hour nursing and care facilities in the hospital

Operating theatre, medications and dressing fees


Upon your hospital discharge:

Medication to take home/accommodation following discharge for up to seven days

Organizing post-operative checks and providing private transfers accordingly

Removal of stitches and dressings if required

Private Transfer to/from airport/hotel/hospital

Airport transfers on arrival and departure

Private transfers to/from medical outings

Accommodation arrangements completed on behalf of client:

Our customer representative shall discuss your chosen type of accommodation and budget with you, they will then make all of the hotel bookings for you giving you full peace of mind.

Guest House:

In addition to the available accommodation options; RevitalizeInTurkey also offers clients to opportunity to stay in our Guest House, which operates on a complimentary basis. The aim to offer complimentary Guest House is to help our international clients to stay in a home environment without engaging the stress of being alone in their post-operative phase. RevitalizeInTurkey does not seek a commercial interest by offering clients to option to stay in Guest House. Please read following notes about complimentary Guest House stay:

·       Guest House is in complimentary in nature and does not operate as Hotel or Apartment where professional commercial accommodation facilities take place. If any professional hotel or apartment facility were asked for, RevitalizeInTurkey would be more than pleased to provide available and suitable professional hotel/apartment options. If a hotel or apartment stay is selected; the relevant cost should be payable by the client.

·       Due to the nature of the selected treatment(s); RevitalizeInTurkey may only accept female clients to stay in Guest House

·       In view of Guest House offered as a complimentary service, the duration of stay in Guest House will be limited and indicated to the client during the booking process.

·       If the client wants or requires to stay any longer than what was agreed previously; then RevitalizeInTurkey will arrange a hotel or apartment for the client to stay for a desired/required duration of stay. The cost which will incur with extra stay in the apartment or hotel should be payable by the client.

·       The decision whether to stay in Guest House is fully depends on client’s will. RevitalizeInTurkey keeps the client free to choose his/her own place to stay and in no way makes clients stay in Guest House obligatory. Guest House option is just offered as a token of gesture and good will to maximize client’s comfort. RevitalizeInTurkey does not intervene with client’s freedom to choose where to stay.

·       RevitalizeInTurkey is not committed to offer any medical services and nursing facilities at Guest House. Basic care assistance might be employed by request but this, in no way, replaces professional medical and care service offered in the medical clinic and hospital. Client should be aware of this fact and can not hold RevitalizeInTurkey responsible for providing –or not providing- professional medical and care facilities in Guest House. Client should make his/her decision where to stay by taking this fact into consideration.

·       To ensure our guests’ stress free stay in our Guest House, breakfast and dinner will be offered as a part of complimentary stay. While clients’ are enjoying their complimentary stay with meals provided; they should keep into account that we are not running professional catering service in Guest House. Although we aim to offer healthy meals to help clients post-operative recovery process; clients may have different expectations and would be more than welcome to order any meal from available restaurants at its own cost.  As there is no professional catering service in Guest House, RevitalizeInTurkey should not be kept responsible to offer requested meals. All meals provided will be healthy and nutritious to ensure quick recovery in the post-operative process.

·       Guest House has only limited availability to offer complimentary stay for clients. Although RevitalizeInTurkey confirms the availability of Guest House during client’s booking process, we keep the right to make necessary changes in accordance with the priority of conditions of existing clients.

·       To offer enjoyable stay to our guests; RevitalizeInTurkey has certain rules in Guest House. We expect you to carefully read Guest House guidelines and follow all indicated rules to ensure problem free stay for all guests. RevitalizeInTurkey holds the right to change accommodation plan of clients who do not agree with the indicated rules and guidelines of Guest House.

·       Smoking is not allowed indoors and it may intervene with the healing process.

·       The use of alcohol and ecstatic medications or similar materials will be not be tolerated and client will be asked to leave Guest House and this will be reported to relevant authorities.

·       The aim is to ensure enjoyable stay for all clients who prefer to stay in Guest House. We expect our individual clients to cooperate in this effort and exhibit a responsible behavior and good will.



Flight is not included in Single Operation Packages. But we offer flight-booking assistance while customer is booking his/her flights.

Flight is included with Multiple Operation Packages (two or more major cosmetic surgery procedures are performed in the same operating session). Flights are booked by the customer him/herself. But RevitalizeInTurkey reimburses the cost of the flight up to 300 English Sterling (or 350 Euro). If the cost of flight is more than 300 English Sterling (or 350 Euro), then exceeding part should be paid by the customer. The customer should send flight itinerary and invoice to RevitalizeInTurkey to let us make all necessary arrangements and deductions. We also offer flight-booking assistance to locate available flights for the selected dates from your customer’s requested airport.


We offer visa application assistance by means of providing information of how to apply for a Turkish Visa and of any additional requirements should be provided. The customer is responsible to provide any information required in the visa application process and obliged to pay required visa fees. Please simply check the application guidelines by from the link provided here: www.evisa.gov.tr

What you have to pay for separately other than what is included in the fixed price:

·       Treatment or any medical tests before or after surgery, except those listed above

·       Personal expenses such as telephone calls, newspapers etc.

·       Operation or treatment to take place at a different hospital other than the one, which you are already, booked in.

·       Consultations, medical investigations or treatment not related to your surgery.

·       For any items not included in the fixed price, you will need to pay the standard charges and consultant fees.

Upon receipt of your instruction to proceed we will make and confirm all of the required appointments with your consultant and confirm with you the date for your scheduled date of surgery.

We will provide you with the information regarding the hospital and consultant whom is to provide your surgery. All related information will be provided you in a document called ‘Booking Form’.

Pre-operative Assessment and Actual Consultation before the Operation

Pre-operative assessment is done to give you approximate information about your eligibility of your requested procedures. Your photos, medical history form and other relavant information about your health condition are the main inputs in delivering pre-operative assessment. However, final assessment will be done during the consultation by the surgeon just before the operation and additionally lab test will be done before the operation to confirm your eligibility to have your requested procedures. The result of the actual consultation and lab tests may change the treatment plan which was given during the pre-operative assessment. The final bill is subject to final consultation and physical examination assessment and lab results which will be conducted before the operation.

What do I need to do before my treatment?

Personal information will be collected from you in order to co-ordinate and facilitate the services that are requested by yourself.

Personal Information collected may include, but is not limited to:

·       Your name and address

·       Date of Birth

·       Passport and Travel details

·       Contact details, mobile phone numbers and email addresses

·       Medical Information (as per your consent and questionnaire forms)

·       Personal Data from the website

·       Photographs

·       Partner/Relative Information

It is important that you provide timely and accurate information in order for us to deliver the service to you. Failure to provide the information may result in RevitalizeInTurkey delaying or being unable to provide the services to you.

In providing a quote and service to you RevitalizeInTurkey may disclose information to its service providers. RevitalizeInTurkey will take reasonable care to ensure that our service providers are bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations in regards to protecting your personal information.

Holding accurate information:

RevitalizeInTurkey takes extensive precautions to ensure that the personal and medical information we are provided is complete and correct. However, the accuracy of the information is subject largely to the details the client submits. With this in mind RevitalizeInTurkey would ask that the client advise us if there is any omissions or errors in your personal and medical details.

Medical and surgical advice given by RevitalizeInTurkey is intended to be accurate and to the best of our knowledge, however any advice given should be discussed and thoroughly understood with the surgeon before proceeding with the treatments.

Crucial Information

RevitalizeInTurkey may collect personal information that is crucial and may relate to health or medical details. Crucial information will be used or disclosed only for the purpose for which it was given and forwarded directly to the party it is intended for as required by law.

Medical information provided by RevitalizeInTurkey is to be considered as an educational service only. The information sent through email should not be relied upon as a medical consultation. This medium is not designed to replace a physician's independent judgement about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a given patient. RevitalizeInTurkey will ensure that we try to provide you with information that will help you make your own health care decisions.

Cost Estimate for the Services

The quotation given is to be confirmed after the pre-surgery/treatment consultation prior to surgery. We will handle an e-mail or telephonic consultation with the surgeon after receiving the medical history form and close up photograph of the body area requested for surgery. The quotation includes, I- The cost is quoted for the selected procedure: The surgeon, specialist anesthesiologist, and private clinic/hospital stay for the required procedure with 24/48 hours nursing facilities, all theatre charges, medication, pre and postoperative consultations and non-refundable administration fee. II- Pre and Post operative instructions for your selected procedures III-- Accommodation for the required period of time IV-- Personal Assistant to accompany you all your medical appointments and surgery V- Transfers from and to airport (round-way for the airport), and for the consultation sessions It excludes, I-Transport for all additional venues, II-Daily trips, III-Air ticket to Turkey  (except multiple major cosmetic surgery operation packages) IV-Any additional medical expenses for the medications or procedures in case of unforeseen complications. V- The Insurance.

Please note the prices quoted are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Bookings confirmed and not put into effect by the client will be subject to cancellation fees (non-refundable deposit payment).

Cost Estimate for the Surgery

The fee quoted will be confirmed after further medical evaluation by the surgeon. It includes, the cost is quoted for the selected procedure: The surgeon, specialist anesthesiologist, and private clinic/hospital stay for the required procedure with 24/48 hours nursing facilities, all theatre charges, medications, pre and postoperative consultations and non-refundable administration fee. It excludes, any additional medical expenses for the medications or procedures in case of unforeseen complications.


The fee quoted will be confirmed after further medical evaluation by the surgeon. Non-Refundable Deposit ( of the total cost) is required to secure your booking. Deposit can be done in two ways: I- Credit Card II- Bank Transfer The deposit paid will deducted from your total balance of payment after arrival. Balance payable directly to Tunçelli Tourism, Health, Medical and Consultancy Ltd Co (Hereby known as of RevitalizeInTurkey).

Medical Examination

The quotation initially given is to be further confirmed after the pre-surgery/treatment consultation prior to surgery. RevitalizeInTurkey handles the initial consultations via e-mail after receiving the medical history form and the clinic or other analysis requested by the surgeon or the medical authority. RevitalizeInTurkey encourages you to ask all your questions via e-mail or telephone prior to selected surgery. It is worth indicating that both you and the surgeon/professional are under no obligation until after your pre-operative consultation RevitalizeInTurkey reminds you that all kinds of surgery/treatment carry certain risks, whereas the risks associated with cosmetic surgery includes dissatisfaction with the results. You and the surgeon/professional have to agree about the anticipated outcome of your surgery/treatment, so that your expectations of the results will be reasonable. Any medical or surgical advice provided through the RevitalizeInTurkey web site and service, even if intended to be accurate to the best of our knowledge, should be discussed with the Surgeon. If any dispute may arise the surgeon is only liable if litigation takes place in Turkey under Turkish Law.

Other Agreements

Client can withdraw from Agreement whenever before initiation of medical performance. Provider can withdraw from Agreement before initiation of medical performance in case it would not be able to meet the obligations to perform care performance according to the client’s medical findings and eligibility for the selected medical treatment.

If client withdraw from Agreement and decided not to proceed with the selected treatment and/or if the doctor refuses to perform the operation according to patient’s medical findings improper to deliver optimum medical performance and/or if certain medical findings increases the risks of treatment that found to be unacceptable by the surgeon; then patient is only obliged to pay the deposit and have right claim the refund of the payment he/she made (if made already). If the withdrawal has been occurred before the payment done; then the patient is only obliged to pay the deposit and the cost of accommodation and transportation services.


In case of medical discrepancy or conflict for imputability of malpractice carried out by the patient, the parts establish and agree that all judicial action must be carried out by the patient towards the surgeon/professional within the jurisdiction of the Izmir of the Republic of Turkey, and that action will not be extended towards Tunçelli Ltd, since it is a company that puts at the disposition of the patient different professional option without exercising medicine professionally. 


RevitalizeInTurkey does not offer medical or legal advice. Our aim is to provide our customers access to quality, world-class medical services at affordable prices.

The information on www.revitalizeinturkey.com is intended to present you to some of the basic facts concerning different surgery/treatments. Its aim is to give you general background information and serve as an introduction to them. The information obtained from this Web site cannot be used to determine whether or not you will have the procedure carried out, nor is it a guarantee of the results or any outcome of the procedure/s you decide to undergo. During the consultations, your surgeon/professional will explain to you in detail how a particular procedure applies to your individual condition. They are for your information only. Individual results may vary. RevitalizeinTurkey reminds you that all surgeries carry risks of complications, which in case of cosmetic surgery include dissatisfaction with the results.

RevitalizeInTurkey helps you to find medical treatment opportunities abroad. The role of RevitalizeInTurkey is to act as a marketing agent for medical facilities and arrange medical treatment packages with the option to include a holiday package. RevitalizeInTurkey does not offer any medical advice and is in no way liable for the actions of third parties. By signing the disclaimer you are aware of and acknowledge the role of RevitalizeInTurkey as described. You further accept that the decision to have medical treatment abroad is your decision and that you are aware of any risks involved.

Final Provisions

This agreement is result of independent and seriously meant decision of contractual sides. Patient will receive one from two copies and facilitator keep the original copy.




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