RevitalizeinTurkey - Unrivaled Aftercare Service

After Care

Every cosmetic surgical operation requires an aftercare process. Depending on the operation the patient had done, the aftercare needs to change, but generally, the main goal is to reduce the discomfort to a minimum and to help the wounds to heal.

For some cosmetic operations, aftercare is as much important as the operation itself. If not done correctly, the results may not come out as expected, and the patient can experience some complications. In case of such situations, the patient must immediately contact a specialist. In this context, as RevitalizeinTurkey, we offer an unrivaled aftercare service to our patients to ensure their recovery.

  • Professional Medical Guidance

Prior to the surgical operation, we arrange a consultation where our patients can discuss their expectations with the surgeon. In this consultation, the surgeon explains to the patient the risks of the treatment, the limitations, what can be achieved, what would affect the procedure, and so on. Once the patient acknowledges and agrees with the surgeon, he/she can sign the consent forms and have the surgery done.



  • Hospital Stay

We know traveling to a foreign country to get a surgical procedure done may sound frightening for many people. So as to make our patients feel at ease, our English-speaking chaperones accompany them during their hospital stay. The chaperones help with any needs of the patients, including communication with the nurses at the hospital.


  • Mandarin Grove Wellness and Health Retreat

Once discharged from the hospital, our patients are transferred to our deluxe patient complex Mandarin Grove Wellness and Health Retreat where they receive 24/7 aftercare service. At Mandarin Grove, while enjoying the scenery and a tranquil environment, our patients get to recuperate in the best setting ever. Our carers at Mandarin Grove help our patients with their dressings, medications, and anything they might need help with. During their stay at Mandarin Grove, we arrange as many follow-up checks as possible for our patients to see the surgeon, so as to ensure their recovery.

Working on a half-board plan, we serve nutrient-packed delicious meals at Mandarin Grove to support our patients' recovery. If desired, the patients can order delicious food and drinks from the a-la-carte menu as well. 




  • The U.K. Presence

Every once in a while, we hold consultations in the U.K. where our patients can attend for post-operative checks. Our patients can attend our consultations where they can meet our medical advisors and surgeons to get post-operative advice and discuss what can be done for further development.


  • Recovery Track

Once our patients return home, we keep in touch with them to track their recovery. If there are any issues, we consult our surgeons and medical advisors to guide our patients toward a swift and healthy recovery.