Unrivaled Aftercare Service

For any kind of procedure, aftercare practices are of great importance in that it greatly affects the patient's recuperation and the results of the procedure. In this view, patients might be afraid that going abroad for surgery, they might not receive sufficient aftercare service. However, aftercare service lies at the heart of our clinic's principles ever since it has been established 17 years ago. That is why our name is always associated with aftercare and patient satisfaction. As RevitalizeinTurkey, we offer our patients a matchless aftercare service. Our team is willing to go out of its way to make our patients feel that they are in safe hands. From the moment our patients contact us, until their full recovery, with our professional medical guidance, aftercare team, facilities, and services, we ensure that they are safe and are recovering well.

Professional Medical Guidance

At a time when cosmetic surgery has taken a turn for a more commercial edge due to unprecedented media hype, our company has remained to adhere to its principles by strongly following the practice of delivering purely distilled medical guidance in collaboration with our medical team. Every single of our treatment inquiries are processed diligently, not only to ensure meeting the aesthetic goals of our patients but at the same time, to minimize the patient's having any risk of complications. Once we receive the patient's inquiry, we inform him/her in detail about the procedure and process to ensure that they are aware of what they are committing to. Our patients go through a photo-assessment process first, to determine which cosmetic procedures they are a candidate for. Helping patients to make an informed decision, and guiding them through the whole pre and post-treatment process by carefully delving into their expectations has been the primary concern of our clinic. To ensure our patients' safety, we request them to fill out our medical questionnaire where we can check their past illnesses and medical conditions.



Hospital Stay

We are aware that the most terrifying side of traveling abroad for surgery is being alone. In this view, we have English-speaking chaperones who accompany our patients during their hospital stay. The chaperones help the patients with pretty much anything they might need. That's why RevitalizeinTurkey is always associated with safety, hospitality, and friendship.


Mandarin Grove Wellness and Health Retreat

In the next step of their journey, our patients are transferred to our aftercare complex Mandarin Grove Wellness and Health Retreat. Mandarin Grove is designed and decorated considering the patients' needs. At Mandarin Grove, our patients get to recover in an environment that's far from the city's rush and embraces nature and its tranquility. In a sterilized and clean environment, patients can socialize with each other, devour the sunshine by the pool, or enjoy a cold smoothie at the bar.

At Mandarin Grove, nutrient-packed food is served every day to boost our patients' immunity and help them recover swiftly. The complex works in a half-board plan, and if desired, the patients can order healthy food, snacks, and beverages from the a-la-carte menu.

Along with single rooms, we have twin rooms available at Mandarin Grove to host our patients who prefer to come along with their friends or family. All the rooms are luxuriously decorated, cleaned daily, and equipped with emergency buzzers for the patients to call someone in a state of emergency. During their stay at Mandarin Grove, our patients receive 24/7 aftercare service. Our carers help our patients with their dressings, medications, and any other thing related to their surgery. During their stay, we arrange as many post-op checks as possible for our patients to ensure that their recovery is going smoothly.





The U.K. Presence

Our aftercare service does not end with the patient's return flight. Every once in a while, we hold consultations in different cities in the United Kingdom where we meet both our past patients and new patient candidates. Our past patients are always welcome at our U.K. consultations for post-op checks and to discuss further treatment plans.


Recovery Track

As mentioned above, our aftercare service is not over when the patient returns home. After the patient's return, we keep in touch with our patients to advise them on at-home aftercare practices, to track their recovery, and to advise them if they have any queries. In the event that the patient needs a revision surgery or immediate action, we invite them to Turkey again for a corrective procedure or to intervene with the situation.