Face Lift Surgery

Face Lift Surgery

Most of the visible signs of aging are also seen on the face. Aging people have many undesired changes depending on genetic factors. With the increased use of social media and the development of technology, people are now more easily struggling with these signs of aging. For young and healthy looking faces, face lift have recently become a very popular treatment. Thanks to surgical interventions on the facial skin and the muscles under it, problems such as sagging skin, deep creases, and jowls can be eliminated in a short time. Face lift surgery is also a good solution for facial volume. 

People are very interested in how face lift surgeries are performed. Facelift applied with local anesthesia allows the patient to have a healthier and younger face within minutes. Patients who can return to their daily lives within 2-3 weeks show great interest in face lift surgeries that give these excellent results in a short time. One of the most searched topics on the internet today is face lift and face lift costs. Although the costs vary in different countries around the world, Turkey with qualified doctors and staff is one of the most popular countries for face lift surgeries with both surgical quality and reasonable prices.

What is a Face Lift

Face lift, which used to be one of the cosmetic surgeries demanded by Hollywood actors and millionaires, is now accessible to almost everyone with the development of technological possibilities. Face lift can be simply defined as interventions for rejuvenation in the face and neck area. Thanks to this surgical application, also called rhytidectomy, patients have young and healthy stretched faces by eliminating the signs of aging due to genetic factors. It is known that not only women but also men are interested in this medical operation. Today, it is known that there are countless male patients who make appointments for facelift in various cosmetic surgery centers. 


During the facelift operation, the patient's face is stretched by apparatus. This procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia, is performed in such a way that the patient does not feel pain. The skin, muscles and tissues in the face and neck area are intervened to achieve a younger and healthier looking face. Although it varies according to the special conditions of the people, patients can return to daily life in a short period of 10 days. Of course, the recommendations and warnings of the doctors should be followed in the postoperative period. But unlike other medical operations, facelifts can be said to be practical and comfortable. With the impact of the current exchange rates, facelift surgery in Turkey can be accomplished at very reasonable prices. 

How Much is a Face Lift

Face lift operations are one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery in recent times. Although there are centers serving in this field in almost every country, some countries are known to be more favorable. For example, cosmetic surgeries in Europe are carried out in high quality and sterile conditions, however, high fees are demanded as a price for this. Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for face lift surgeries with both surgical quality and experience in a cheaper way. 

Although the prices vary according to the specific demands of the patients, you can usually have your face lift surgery in Turkey as you wish for a fee between 5000 dollars and 15000 dollars. You will have a significant increase in self-confidence with your younger and healthier looking face. It will be very useful for patients who are concerned about face lift costs to reach the centers in Turkey for both their budget and their health.

It has become a favored location not only because you can get this service at more reasonable prices, but also because the doctors working in Turkey are qualified and competent in their field. Hundreds of people from different countries around the world visit to take advantage of the opportunities here. For more beautiful selfies, you should make a facelift surgery visit to Turkey as soon as possible. While you will be very satisfied in terms of face lift costs, you will experience the privilege of having a new youthful face.