What is Cheek Implants?

What is Cheek Implants?

Cosmetic surgeries in which the cheeks are transformed into the desired shape and size are called cheek implants. Silicone is usually used as the material. This material, which is extremely safe to use in the body, also contributes to the achievement of a natural appearance. Undesirable changes in the skin of the cheeks due to aging are eliminated with cheek implants. Cheek implants are a popular type of surgery on the plans of those who are uncomfortable with the shape of their cheeks due to genetic factors.

Cheek implants are operations in which unpleasant changes in the cheeks area, usually due to aging, are removed through surgical interventions within minutes. Thanks to this operation, you will have the cheeks you desire. In order to have a painless and comfortable cheek implant operation process, you should do research and consult centers that have recommendations.

It is literally your right to look the way you desire in the photos you take with your family members. The cheek and facial appearance you prefer transforms you into a more confident and happy individual. Cheek implants surgeries are a very common method to minimize aging-related skin problems. Turkey has become a favorite for cheek implants with visitors from all over the world. Since there are numerous advantages in terms of both cost and comfort for cheek implant surgeries.

Types of Cheek Implants

In cheek implant surgeries, silicone is applied to the cheek area in a way that has been agreed upon with the patient beforehand. There are different expectations, sometimes wider cheeks, sometimes smaller cheeks, sometimes cheekbone is more prominent. Surgeons decide on the treatment process suitable for the patient's condition and the operation is performed in a short time. The process after these operations, which are usually very short, is not challenging for the patient and the patient is expected to return to his/her daily life within 2 weeks.

Although the basic principles are the same, there are different types of cheek implants. The most common ones are malar, submalar and combined. Malar implants are called interventions on the cheekbones. While submalars are mostly preferred for applications in the mid-face area, the two procedures are performed together in combined cheek implants. Generally, patients with these implant types gain the appearance of upper and lower cheeks.

Different expectations of different patients are met by cheek implants. Patients who have the facial expression and cheeks they desire will experience a happier life. Although there is information about cheek implants in countless sources on the internet, it would be the most logical road map to get consultancy from a physician who specializes in this subject. Turkey is one of the first countries to be visited for cheek implants as it offers high standards at the most reasonable prices.

Cheek Implants Cost

Cheek implants, one of the common types of cosmetic surgeries of recent times, is an application that requires material unlike other operations. For this reason, the silicone to be applied to the cheek area should also be taken into account among the costs. However, it still varies according to factors such as the clinic or country where you will have this operation. 

Especially in European countries, such cosmetic surgeries are performed at very exorbitant prices. Turkey provides better service quality to patients at much more reasonable prices than the service quality in these countries. Patients who want to take advantage of this opportunity and have cheek implants are traveling to Turkey every year. Cheek implants in Turkey deserve appreciation not only financially but also in terms of the medical service received.

Patients who want to transform their facial appearance in the way they desire and who want cheek implants surgery to be applied, start researching cheek implants costs on the internet. At this step, they will see how variable the prices are. Fortunately, Turkey maintains a standard in this regard. Turkey, which has managed to deliver experienced surgeon teams to patients with reasonable pricing policies, has become the center of health tourism in recent years. Every year, numerous people from different countries around the world travel to medical centers in Turkey for cheek implants operations. It can be said that getting cheek implants in Turkey is a very advantageous choice.