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VIP Stay at Mandarin Grove Health and Wellness Retreat


7 Nights


24/7 aftercare service including a bilingual chaperone to accompany you during your hospital stay.


Fully Registered Private Hospital

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      Get a Free Assesment and Quote


      Why Revitalize In Turkey?

      With 18 years of experience in the medical tourism field, we have built a reputation for excellence and trust. What sets us apart is our exceptional aftercare service, provided exclusively at our wellness retreat, Mandarin Grove. Unlike any other clinic, we offer a tranquil environment at Mandarin Grove, tailored to the needs of our patients. From comfortable accommodation to 24/7 care, we ensure your well-being and recovery.

      We endeavour to offer exclusive operation packages where patients can enjoy the pure luxury of recuperating at Mandarin Grove with professional after-care and have the peace of mind of knowing that they get the best medical support.

      Initial Assesment

      As a part of our initial assessment process, we kindly ask our prospective patient to send us some photos of the area of concern for us to advise her about the procedure.


      Pre-operative tests are conducted. (Blood test, electrocardiogram, physical examination)

      Aftercare Service

      We offer the best personalized aftercare service. All of our patients are diligently looked after by our bilingual chaperons at their hospital stay.


      We endeavour to boost our patient's recovery with our whole-meal food plan at our complex. Patients will get the highest level of nutrition to prompt their recovery.


      On arrival, our patients are picked up from the airport and transferred to our exclusive retreat complex Mandarin Grove, where they can not only enjoy a luxurious setting but at the same time a well-knit aftercare service.


      Patients have a face-to-face meeting with the plastic surgeon. We have the best plastic surgeons on our medical team. They are bilingual and have the perfect rapport with the patients. One of our team members will be guiding you through the process.

      Hospital Stay

      After the surgery, the patient is entitled to a hospital stay of 1 night where she will be checked on by the plastic surgeon.

      Back-up Services

      After your return, we stay in touch with you to track your recovery, and get in touch with the plastic surgeon if you have any questions or need any advice.

      BBL in Turkey

      Brazilian buttock lift, also known as BBL, is a procedure that’s aim is to achieve a better-sculpted buttock area. It is a common procedure for women who lack buttock tissue, or desire a better shaping. The main reason why people get Brazilian buttock lift is aesthetic concerns.

      What is Brazilian Buttock Lift?

      Brazilian buttock lift, also referred to as BBL, is a surgical procedure that gives the buttock area a more round shape and projection. So as to provide a better shaping, the surgeon uses fat that is grafted from the patient’s body as a filler to enhance the buttock’s appearance. Mainly, Brazilian buttock lift is done for aesthetic reasons.

      How is Brazilian Buttock Lift Performed?

      The procedure begins with grafting fat from the other parts of the body with liposuction. Depending on the patient’s anatomy, the donor area can be the abdomen, flanks, thighs or wherever possible. Brazilian buttock lift does not require a major incision. Once fat is grafted, the surgeon purifies it for it to be prepared for the injection. On the other hand, the surgeon uses liposuction technique to give the injected fat a better shaping.

      The procedure is done under general anesthesia, and done on an inpatient basis, which means the patient needs to stay at the hospital for at least one night. Depending on the patient’s anatomical limits and expectations, the surgery generally takes around 3 hours to complete.

      What to Expect from Brazilian Buttock Lift

      • Preparation: Before the Brazilian buttock lift surgery, you will see your surgeon to discuss your expectations, medical history and any health conditions that may be going on. Before the operation, you will be requested to stop taking certain medications, especially blood thinners. Also, you will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for the procedure, including what to eat and drink, smoking, and whether you can take certain medications and vitamin supplements.
      • Procedure: Brazilian buttock lift procedure is done under general anesthesia. The patient is required to stay at the hospital for the night. Procedure might take up to four hours. It is performed through very small incisions. From the parts of the body that has excess fat, the fat is grafted with liposuction, and after getting purified, it is injected into the buttock area for a better shaping.
      • Results: After the procedure, the swelling might take some time to go down. It may take up to 6 months before you see the results. Also, please note that up to 40% of the injected fat might be absorbed from the body.

      Is Brazilian Buttock Lift Painful?

      After the Brazilian buttock lift surgery, the main issue is with sitting and sleeping. So as not to put pressure on the newly injected fat, the patient needs to avoid sitting for long periods. Minimal discomfort can be experienced after the operation, but in order to minimize it, the surgeon will prescribe pain relief medication.

      Who can Have Brazilian Buttock Lift?

      Patients who have enough body fat to graft and would like to enhance the appearance of their buttock area can have a BBL surgery in Turkey.  Like all other surgical procedures, the patient needs to be in good physical condition, have realistic expectations from the procedure, and should be able to make an informed decision regarding the procedure. Additionally, having a stable body weight is also important as weight fluctuations might affect the results in long term.

      How Long Does Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgery Take?

      The duration of the Brazilian butt lift in Turkey depends on how extensive the surgery will be. Also, the patient’s expectations, anatomy and the amount of fat to be injected affects the duration as well. Generally, the procedure takes between 4-5 hours.

      Brazilian Butt-Lift Recovery

      After a Brazilian buttock lift in Turkey, you might need to arrange someone to assist you for a few days. Right after the surgery, you might experience soreness, bruising and swelling to a certain level. Also, there might be a temporary lack of sensation in the donor area. Once you are discharged from the hospital, you will need to take small walks around to promote blood circulation and reduce swelling.

      After the operation, you will be required to wear a compression garment to minimize swelling. It will also help with the discomfort. You can get a booty pillow to help keeping the pressure of your buttock area.

      In the following weeks, the discomfort will subside. You should still avoid strenous physical activities and sitting for long periods of time. The complete recovery might take up to six months.

      Ideal Candidate for Buttock Fat Transfer

      There are different factors that make a person an ideal candidate for a Brazilian buttock lift. The first and foremost factor is that you need to be in good health. Being healthy will help you achieving the best results possible.

      Secondly, you must stay away from harmful habits, like smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages too often. Apart from the damage these cause on your general health, they affect your recovery from the procedure as well.

      Lastly, you need to have enough excess fat on your body to be grafted. During a Brazilian butt lift, the fat is grafted from the back, abdomen, thighs or flanks. If you don’t have fat on this areas, the surgeon might not be able to graft enough fat to reshape your buttock area.

      Advantages of Buttock Fat Transfer

      • Better body proportions: After having a Brazilian buttock lift in Turkey, you will achieve better body proportions as it allows reshaping the natural curves of your body.
      • Reducing the fat deposits from your body: As Brazilian buttock lift utilizes the patient’s own fat, along with shaping the buttock area, it helps with reducing the excess fat in the other parts of the body.
      • Natural-looking results: As your own body fat is used for a Brazilian buttock lift, the results look much more natural than implants.

      Disadvantages of Buttock Fat Transfer

      • The fact that it is a surgery: Even though it is a minimally invasive one, Brazilian buttock lift is a surgery at the end of the day. So, like all other surgical interventions, it comes with risks and side effects. These risks include swelling, bleeding, and infection.
      • Fat absorption: When fat is grafted and injected to the buttock area, gradually 40% of it gets absorbed by your body. So, the initial results can be deceiving sometimes.
      • Keeping a stable weight: So as to maintain the results from a Brazilian butt lift surgery, you need to maintain your weight. Losing or gaining weight can affect your results.
      • Difficult recovery process: After the surgery, so as not to put pressure on the newly-injected fat, you will need to follow strict instructions like avoiding to sit down on your butt for long periods.

      Is Brazilian Buttock Lift Safe in Turkey?

      Every year, hundreds of people travel to Turkey to get plastic surgeries including Brazilian butt lift. The reason why people choose Turkey is that it is much cheaper to get high-quality service. So as to get the best possible results, you need to do an in-depth research and pick a skilled surgeon.

      Price of Brazilian Buttock Lift in Turkey

      BBL surgery cost in Turkey is dependent on a few factors, such as the hospital fee, surgeon’s fee and the other procedures that it will be combined with. So, in order to get Brazilian butt lift price, you can contact us now.

      The aim of this article is to give you a general information about the surgical intervention in question. You need to make more research about possible complications and risks of this selected procedure in order to make an informed decision. Please note that complications occur more frequently with patients who are obese, smoke, and have a history or lung or other chronic underlying medical conditions.

      Smokers are recognized to have a significantly higher risk of post operative wound healing problems with a subsequently higher potential of infection as well as operative and post operative bleeding. Patients should discontinue smoking for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Although it helps to stop smoking before and after surgery, this does not completely eliminate the increased risks resulting from long­ term smoking. Smoking also has a long term adverse effect on the skin and ageing process.