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News - Private Nurse Service
  • Private Gazi Hospital
    Private Gazi Hospital has been audited on regular time intervals by the National Private Hospital Auditing Body. Reports of auditing body has indicated that there has not been any case of MRSA which has been detected at the hospital so far.
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  • Dr Cenk Tokat
    Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeon
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  • Professor Ahmet Seyhan
    Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeon
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  • Dt. Baris Ozgur
    Cosmetic Dentist and Dental Implant Specialist
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  • Dr Gorkem Caliskan
    Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeon
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  • Associate Professor Serdar Kacar
    Associate Professor Serdar Kacar, General Surgeon, Obesity Surgery Specialist
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Who is going to take care of you; if you are coming alone?

Many patients plan to travel alone; however; the fear of being alone at a country which they have not been to before could deter them to travel alone. If the patient is seeking to have operations which involve mobility restriction; such as, tummy tuck, thigh lift or any other multiple operation package; it might not be safe for the patient to stay alone during the hospital stay. Therefore, check if the service provider  has any contingeny plan in hand or is ready to provide any private nursing facility during your hospital or hotel stay.


What is the policy of RevitalizeinTurkey?

We offer private nursing facility to all our patients who are coming on single basis and are having mobility restricted operations such as tummy tuck, thigh lift and  other multiple operations. All of our nurses attend the patient on 7/24 basis by keeping vigilant at night time. Private Nursing facility incorporates the first night of the  hospital stay; in the event of any request; our nurses can also attend the patient during their rest of their hospital stay and on the second part of hotel stay.



What did the patients say about “Private Nurse Service”?

“ Tuba the carer is completely necessary, expecially if you are on your own, she becomes your mother and nothing is too much trouble for her”

Alexandra M. (Face-Lift and Rhinoplasty)

“ The hospital was modern and very clean. The care was first class. Tuba is a must, she speaks excellent English which come very handy with the nursing service. She is king and caring.”

Carole B. (Tummy Tuck)

“ Tugba was wonderfull, even after a sleepless first night, she was attentive to me at all”

Jackie B. (Rhinoplasty)


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